Hua Bai (白华)
Hua Bai (白华)
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Flexible graphene films via the filtration of water-soluble noncovalent functionalized graphene sheets
Y Xu, H Bai, G Lu, C Li, G Shi
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (18), 5856-5857, 2008
Gas sensors based on conducting polymers
H Bai, G Shi
Sensors 7 (3), 267-307, 2007
Functional composite materials based on chemically converted graphene
H Bai, C Li, G Shi
Advanced Materials 23 (9), 1089-1115, 2011
Strong and ductile poly (vinyl alcohol)/graphene oxide composite films with a layered structure
Y Xu, W Hong, H Bai, C Li, G Shi
Carbon 47 (15), 3538-3543, 2009
Three-dimensional self-assembly of graphene oxide and DNA into multifunctional hydrogels
Y Xu, Q Wu, Y Sun, H Bai, G Shi
ACS nano 4 (12), 7358-7362, 2010
A pH-sensitive graphene oxide composite hydrogel
H Bai, C Li, X Wang, G Shi
Chemical Communications 46 (14), 2376-2378, 2010
Conducting polymer nanomaterials: electrosynthesis and applications
C Li, H Bai, G Shi
Chemical Society Reviews 38 (8), 2397-2409, 2009
On the gelation of graphene oxide
H Bai, C Li, X Wang, G Shi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (13), 5545-5551, 2011
Graphene oxide–chitosan composite hydrogels as broad-spectrum adsorbents for water purification
Y Chen, L Chen, H Bai, L Li
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (6), 1992-2001, 2013
Non-covalent functionalization of graphene sheets by sulfonated polyaniline
H Bai, Y Xu, L Zhao, C Li, G Shi
Chemical Communications, 1667-1669, 2009
Chemically converted graphene induced molecular flattening of 5, 10, 15, 20-tetrakis (1-methyl-4-pyridinio) porphyrin and its application for optical detection of cadmium (II) ions
Y Xu, L Zhao, H Bai, W Hong, C Li, G Shi
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (37), 13490-13497, 2009
Preparation of gold nanoparticle/graphene composites with controlled weight contents and their application in biosensors
W Hong, H Bai, Y Xu, Z Yao, Z Gu, G Shi
The journal of physical chemistry C 114 (4), 1822-1826, 2010
Graphene oxide/conducting polymer composite hydrogels
H Bai, K Sheng, P Zhang, C Li, G Shi
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (46), 18653-18658, 2011
Size fractionation of graphene oxide sheets by pH-assisted selective sedimentation
X Wang, H Bai, G Shi
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (16), 6338-6342, 2011
Breath figure: a nature-inspired preparation method for ordered porous films
A Zhang, H Bai, L Li
Chemical reviews 115 (18), 9801-9868, 2015
Chemically converted graphene as substrate for immobilizing and enhancing the activity of a polymeric catalyst
Y Sun, C Li, Y Xu, H Bai, Z Yao, G Shi
Chemical Communications 46 (26), 4740-4742, 2010
Electrochemical deposition of polypyrrole/sulfonated graphene composite films
A Liu, C Li, H Bai, G Shi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (51), 22783-22789, 2010
Electrically conductive and mechanically strong biomimetic chitosan/reduced graphene oxide composite films
X Wang, H Bai, Z Yao, A Liu, G Shi
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (41), 9032-9036, 2010
A graphene oxide/hemoglobin composite hydrogel for enzymatic catalysis in organic solvents
C Huang, H Bai, C Li, G Shi
Chemical Communications 47 (17), 4962-4964, 2011
An asymmetrically surface-modified graphene film electrochemical actuator
X Xie, L Qu, C Zhou, Y Li, J Zhu, H Bai, G Shi, L Dai
ACS nano 4 (10), 6050-6054, 2010
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