Enrico Caiani
Enrico Caiani
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2018 ESC/ESH Guidelines for the management of arterial hypertension
B Williams, G Mancia, W Spiering, E Agabiti Rosei, M Azizi, M Burnier, ...
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C Corsi, RM Lang, F Veronesi, L Weinert, EG Caiani, P MacEneaney, ...
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Improved semiautomated quantification of left ventricular volumes and ejection fraction using 3-dimensional echocardiography with a full matrix-array transducer: comparison …
EG Caiani, C Corsi, J Zamorano, L Sugeng, P MacEneaney, L Weinert, ...
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Mitral valve finite-element modelling from ultrasound data: a pilot study for a new approach to understand mitral function and clinical scenarios
E Votta, E Caiani, F Veronesi, M Soncini, FM Montevecchi, A Redaelli
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Improved quantification of left ventricular mass based on endocardial and epicardial surface detection with real time three dimensional echocardiography
EG Caiani, C Corsi, L Sugeng, P MacEneaney, L Weinert, V Mor-Avi, ...
Heart 92 (2), 213-219, 2006
Warped-average template technique to track on a cycle-by-cycle basis the cardiac filling phases on left ventricular volume
EG Caiani, A Porta, G Baselli, M Turiel, S Muzzupappa, F Pieruzzi, ...
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Quantifying electrocardiogram RT-RR variability interactions
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Molecular MR imaging for the evaluation of the effect of dynamic stabilization on lumbar intervertebral discs
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Quantitative analysis of mitral valve apparatus in mitral valve prolapse before and after annuloplasty: a three-dimensional intraoperative transesophageal study
F Maffessanti, NA Marsan, G Tamborini, L Sugeng, EG Caiani, P Gripari, ...
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Quantification of regional left ventricular wall motion from real-time 3-dimensional echocardiography in patients with poor acoustic windows: effects of contrast enhancement …
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European Heart Journal–Cardiovascular Imaging 14 (10), 986-995, 2013
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