Andrey A. Fokin
Andrey A. Fokin
National Technical University of Ukraine Kiev Polytechnic Institute
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Selective alkane transformations via radicals and radical cations: Insights into the activation step from experiment and theory
AA Fokin, PR Schreiner
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Many density functional theory approaches fail to give reliable large hydrocarbon isomer energy differences
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Diamonds are a chemist's best friend: diamondoid chemistry beyond adamantane
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How accurate are DFT treatments of organic energies?
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Nature 477 (7364), 308, 2011
Metal‐free, selective alkane functionalizations
AA Fokin, PR Schreiner
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 345 (9‐10), 1035-1052, 2003
Functionalized nanodiamonds part i. an experimental assessment of diamantane and computational predictions for higher diamondoids
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Stable alkanes containing very long carbon–carbon bonds
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From Dodecahedrapentaene to the “[n] Trannulenes”. A New In-Plane Aromatic Family
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Functionalized nanodiamonds: Triamantane and [121] tetramantane
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Substituent effects on the Bergman cyclization of (Z)‐1,5‐hexadiyne‐3‐enes: a systematic computational study
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Diamondoids: functionalization and subsequent applications of perfectly defined molecular cage hydrocarbons
MA Gunawan, JC Hierso, D Poinsot, AA Fokin, NA Fokina, BA Tkachenko, ...
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Band gap tuning in nanodiamonds: first principle computational studies
AA Fokin, PR Schreiner
Molecular Physics 107 (8-12), 823-830, 2009
Selective C–H Activation of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons under Phase‐Transfer Conditions
PR Schreiner, O Lauenstein, IV Kolomitsyn, S Nadi, AA Fokin
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 37 (13‐14), 1895-1897, 1998
Functionalized nanodiamonds part 3: thiolation of tertiary/bridgehead alcohols
BA Tkachenko, NA Fokina, LV Chernish, JEP Dahl, S Liu, RMK Carlson, ...
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H-Coupled Electron Transfer in Alkane C− H Activations with Halogen Electrophiles
AA Fokin, TE Shubina, PA Gunchenko, SD Isaev, AG Yurchenko, ...
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Origin of the monochromatic photoemission peak in diamondoid monolayers
WA Clay, Z Liu, W Yang, JD Fabbri, JE Dahl, RMK Carlson, Y Sun, ...
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Near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy of diamondoid thiol monolayers on gold
TM Willey, JD Fabbri, JRI Lee, PR Schreiner, AA Fokin, BA Tkachenko, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (32), 10536-10544, 2008
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