Jérôme Coste
Jérôme Coste
Ingénieur hospitalier, CHU de Clermont-Ferrand, Université Clermont Auvergne
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Basal ganglia dysfunction in OCD: subthalamic neuronal activity correlates with symptoms severity and predicts high-frequency stimulation efficacy
ML Welter, P Burbaud, S Fernandez-Vidal, E Bardinet, J Coste, B Piallat, ...
Translational psychiatry 1 (5), e5-e5, 2011
Brain mapping in stereotactic surgery: a brief overview from the probabilistic targeting to the patient-based anatomic mapping
JJ Lemaire, J Coste, L Ouchchane, F Caire, C Nuti, P Derost, V Cristini, ...
Neuroimage 37, S109-S115, 2007
Direct stereotactic targeting of the ventrointermediate nucleus of the thalamus based on anatomic 1.5-T MRI mapping with a white matter attenuated inversion recovery (WAIR …
F Vassal, J Coste, P Derost, V Mendes, J Gabrillargues, C Nuti, F Durif, ...
Brain stimulation 5 (4), 625-633, 2012
Contact position analysis of deep brain stimulation electrodes on post-operative CT images
S Hemm, J Coste, J Gabrillargues, L Ouchchane, L Sarry, F Caire, ...
Acta neurochirurgica 151 (7), 823-829, 2009
A role for wind-up in trigeminal sensory processing: intensity coding of nociceptive stimuli in the rat
J Coste, DL Voisin, P Luccarini, R Dallel
Cephalalgia 28 (6), 631-639, 2008
Electrical modulation of neuronal networks in brain-injured patients with disorders of consciousness: A systematic review
JJ Lemaire, A Sontheimer, H Nezzar, B Pontier, J Luauté, B Roche, ...
Annales francaises d'anesthesie et de reanimation 33 (2), 88-97, 2014
Dorsal horn NK1-expressing neurons control windup of downstream trigeminal nociceptive neurons
J Coste, DL Voisin, LS Miraucourt, R Dallel, P Luccarini
PAIN® 137 (2), 340-351, 2008
Subthalamic nucleus location: relationships between stereotactic AC-PC-based diagrams and MRI anatomy-based contours
F Caire, L Ouchchane, J Coste, J Gabrillargues, P Derost, M Ulla, F Durif, ...
Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery 87 (6), 337-347, 2009
MRI anatomical mapping and direct stereotactic targeting in the subthalamic region: functional and anatomical correspondence in Parkinson’s disease
JJ Lemaire, J Coste, L Ouchchane, S Hemm, P Derost, M Ulla, S Siadoux, ...
International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 2 (2), 75-85, 2007
Patient-specific electric field simulations and acceleration measurements for objective analysis of intraoperative stimulation tests in the thalamus
S Hemm, D Pison, F Alonso, A Shah, J Coste, JJ Lemaire, K Wårdell
Frontiers in human neuroscience 10, 577, 2016
Time‐course of myelination and atrophy on cerebral imaging in 35 patients with PLP1‐related disorders
C Sarret, JJ Lemaire, D Tonduti, A Sontheimer, J Coste, B Pereira, ...
Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 58 (7), 706-713, 2016
Subthalamic deep brain stimulation for severe idiopathic Parkinson's disease. Location study of the effective contacts
F Caire, P Derost, J Coste, JM Bonny, F Durif, E Frenoux, A Villeger, ...
Neuro-chirurgie 52 (1), 15-25, 2006
New electrophysiological mapping combined with MRI in parkinsonian’s subthalamic region
J Coste, L Ouchchane, L Sarry, P Derost, F Durif, J Gabrillargues, ...
European Journal of Neuroscience 29 (8), 1627-1633, 2009
Deep brain stimulation in five patients with severe disorders of consciousness
JJ Lemaire, A Sontheimer, B Pereira, J Coste, S Rosenberg, C Sarret, ...
Annals of clinical and translational neurology 5 (11), 1372-1384, 2018
Bidirectional modulation of windup by NMDA receptors in the rat spinal trigeminal nucleus
A Woda, O Blanc, DL Voisin, J Coste, JL Molat, P Luccarini
European Journal of Neuroscience 19 (8), 2009-2016, 2004
Anatomical brain structures normalization for deep brain stimulation in movement disorders
D Vogel, A Shah, J Coste, JJ Lemaire, K Wårdell, S Hemm
NeuroImage: Clinical 27, 102271, 2020
Personalized mapping of the deep brain with a white matter attenuated inversion recovery (WAIR) sequence at 1.5-Tesla: experience based on a series of 156 patients
A Zerroug, J Gabrillargues, G Coll, F Vassal, B Jean, E Chabert, B Claise, ...
Neurochirurgie 62 (4), 183-189, 2016
Postoperative control in deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic region: the contact membership concept
S Hemm, F Caire, J Coste, F Vassal, C Nuti, P Derost, L Ouchchane, ...
International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 3 (1), 69-77, 2008
French Stimulation dans Trouble Obsessionnel Compulsif (STOC) Study Group
ML Welter, P Burbaud, S Fernandez-Vidal, E Bardinet, J Coste, M Borg, ...
Basal ganglia dysfunction in OCD: subthalamic neuronal activity correlates …, 2011
A method to quantitatively evaluate changes in tremor during deep brain stimulation surgery
A Shah, J Coste, JJ Lemaire, E Schkommodau, S Hemm-Ode
2013 6th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (NER …, 2013
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