Ruth Pidsley
Ruth Pidsley
Postdoctoral Researcher, Garvan Institute of Medical Research.
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A data-driven approach to preprocessing Illumina 450K methylation array data
R Pidsley, CCY Wong, M Volta, K Lunnon, J Mill, LC Schalkwyk
BMC genomics 14 (1), 293, 2013
Epigenome-Wide Scans Identify Differentially Methylated Regions for Age and Age-Related Phenotypes in a Healthy Ageing Population
JT Bell, PC Tsai, TP Yang, R Pidsley, J Nisbet, D Glass, M Mangino, ...
PLoS Genetics 8 (4), e1002629, 2012
Functional annotation of the human brain methylome identifies tissue-specific epigenetic variation across brain and blood
MN Davies, M Volta, R Pidsley, K Lunnon, A Dixit, S Lovestone, C Coarfa, ...
Genome Biology 13 (6), R43, 2012
Disease-associated epigenetic changes in monozygotic twins discordant for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
EL Dempster, R Pidsley, LC Schalkwyk, S Owens, A Georgiades, F Kane, ...
Human molecular genetics 20 (24), 4786-4796, 2011
Critical evaluation of the Illumina MethylationEPIC BeadChip microarray for whole-genome DNA methylation profiling
R Pidsley, E Zotenko, TJ Peters, MG Lawrence, GP Risbridger, P Molloy, ...
Genome Biology 17 (1), 208, 2016
De novo identification of differentially methylated regions in the human genome
TJ Peters, MJ Buckley, AL Statham, R Pidsley, K Samaras, RV Lord, ...
Epigenetics & chromatin 8 (1), 6, 2015
Integrated genetic and epigenetic analysis identifies haplotype-specific methylation in the FTO type 2 diabetes and obesity susceptibility locus
CG Bell, S Finer, CM Lindgren, GA Wilson, VK Rakyan, AE Teschendorff, ...
PLoS One 5 (11), e14040, 2010
Methylation QTLs in the developing brain and their enrichment in schizophrenia risk loci
E Hannon, H Spiers, J Viana, R Pidsley, J Burrage, TM Murphy, ...
Nature neuroscience 19 (1), 48, 2016
Methylomic profiling of human brain tissue supports a neurodevelopmental origin for schizophrenia
R Pidsley, J Viana, E Hannon, H Spiers, C Troakes, S Al-Saraj, ...
Genome biology 15 (10), 483, 2014
Epigenetic studies of psychosis: current findings, methodological approaches, and implications for postmortem research
R Pidsley, J Mill
Biological psychiatry 69 (2), 146-156, 2011
Schizophrenia is associated with dysregulation of a Cdk5 activator that regulates synaptic protein expression and cognition
O Engmann, T Hortobagyi, R Pidsley, C Troakes, HG Bernstein, ...
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Epigenetic studies of schizophrenia: progress, predicaments, and promises for the future
E Dempster, J Viana, R Pidsley, J Mill
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DNA methylation of oestrogen-regulated enhancers defines endocrine sensitivity in breast cancer
A Stone, E Zotenko, WJ Locke, D Korbie, EKA Millar, R Pidsley, ...
Nature communications 6, 7758, 2015
Mitochondrial genes are altered in blood early in Alzheimer's disease
K Lunnon, A Keohane, R Pidsley, S Newhouse, J Riddoch-Contreras, ...
Neurobiology of aging 53, 36-47, 2017
Schizophrenia-associated methylomic variation: molecular signatures of disease and polygenic risk burden across multiple brain regions
J Viana, E Hannon, E Dempster, R Pidsley, R Macdonald, O Knox, ...
Human molecular genetics 26 (1), 210-225, 2016
DNA methylation profiles in preeclampsia and healthy control placentas
KR Yeung, CL Chiu, R Pidsley, A Makris, A Hennessy, JM Lind
American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology 310 (10 …, 2016
Mutation of the diamond-blackfan anemia gene Rps7 in mouse results in morphological and neuroanatomical phenotypes
DE Watkins-Chow, J Cooke, R Pidsley, A Edwards, R Slotkin, KE Leeds, ...
PLoS genetics 9 (1), e1003094, 2013
Epigenetic and genetic variation at the IGF2/H19 imprinting control region on 11p15. 5 is associated with cerebellum weight
R Pidsley, E Dempster, C Troakes, S Al-Sarraj, J Mill
Epigenetics 7 (2), 155-163, 2012
Methyl-CpG-binding protein MBD2 plays a key role in maintenance and spread of DNA methylation at CpG islands and shores in cancer
C Stirzaker, JZ Song, W Ng, Q Du, NJ Armstrong, WJ Locke, AL Statham, ...
Oncogene 36 (10), 1328, 2017
Enduring epigenetic landmarks define the cancer microenvironment
R Pidsley, MG Lawrence, E Zotenko, B Niranjan, A Statham, J Song, ...
Genome Research, 2018
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