Workalemahu Mikre Berhanu
Workalemahu Mikre Berhanu
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma
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Structure and dynamics of amyloid-β segmental polymorphisms
WM Berhanu, UHE Hansmann
PLoS One 7 (7), e41479, 2012
In Silico Cross Seeding of Aβ and Amylin Fibril-like Oligomers
WM Berhanu, F Yaşar, UHE Hansmann
ACS chemical neuroscience 4 (11), 1488-1500, 2013
Quantitative structure–activity/property relationships: the ubiquitous links between cause and effect
WM Berhanu, GG Pillai, AA Oliferenko, AR Katritzky
ChemPlusChem 77 (7), 507-517, 2012
Atomistic mechanism of polyphenol amyloid aggregation inhibitors: molecular dynamics study of Curcumin, Exifone, and Myricetin interaction with the segment of tau peptide oligomer
WM Berhanu, AE Masunov
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 33 (7), 1399-1411, 2015
Side-chain hydrophobicity and the stability of Aβ 16-22 aggregates
UHEH Workalemahu M Berhanu
Protein Science 21, 1837-1848, 2012
Natural polyphenols as inhibitors of amyloid aggregation. Molecular dynamics study of GNNQQNY heptapeptide decamer
WM Berhanu, AE Masunov
Biophysical chemistry 149 (1-2), 12-21, 2010
The stability of cylindrin β-barrel amyloid oligomer models – a molecular dynamics study
UHEH Workalemahu M. Berhanu
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, 2013
Controlling the aggregation and rate of release in order to improve insulin formulation: molecular dynamics study of full-length insulin amyloid oligomer models
WM Berhanu, AE Masunov
Journal of Molecular Modeling 18 (3), 1129-1142, 2012
Mutations and seeding of amylin fibril-like oligomers
NA Bernhardt, WM Berhanu, UHE Hansmann
The journal of physical chemistry B 117 (50), 16076-16085, 2013
Molecular dynamic simulation of wild type and mutants of the polymorphic amyloid NNQNTF segments of elk prion: Structural stability and thermodynamic of association
WM Berhanu, AE Masunov
Biopolymers 95 (9), 573-590, 2011
Stability of Iowa mutant and wild type Aβ-peptide aggregates
EJ Alred, EG Scheele, WM Berhanu, UHE Hansmann
The Journal of chemical physics 141 (17), 11B602_1, 2014
Alternative packing modes leading to amyloid polymorphism in five fragments studied with molecular dynamics
WM Berhanu, AE Masunov
Peptide Science 98 (2), 131-144, 2012
Inter-species cross-seeding: stability and assembly of rat-human amylin aggregates
WM Berhanu, UHE Hansmann
PLoS One 9 (5), e97051, 2014
Stability of Osaka mutant and wild-type fibril models
WM Berhanu, EJ Alred, UHE Hansmann
The journal of physical chemistry B 119 (41), 13063-13070, 2015
Unique example of amyloid aggregates stabilized by main chain H-bond instead of the steric zipper: molecular dynamics study of the amyloidogenic segment of amylin wild-type and …
WM Berhanu, AE Masunov
Journal of molecular modeling 18 (3), 891-903, 2012
Stability of amyloid oligomers
WM Berhanu, UHE Hansmann
Advances in protein chemistry and structural biology 96, 113-141, 2014
On the paradigm shift towards multitarget selective drug design.
W Mikre, Nigus Dessalew
Current Computer Aided Drug Design 4 (2), 76-90, 2008
Determination of lamivudine and stavudine in pharmaceutical preparations using chemometrics-assisted spectrophotometry
AEMI Mohamed, W Mikre
Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal 17 (4), 275-281, 2009
On the lack of polymorphism in Aβ‐peptide aggregates derived from patient brains
EJ Alred, M Phillips, WM Berhanu, UHE Hansmann
Protein Science 24 (6), 923-935, 2015
Full length amylin oligomer aggregation: insights from molecular dynamics simulations and implications for design of aggregation inhibitors
WM Berhanu, AE Masunov
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 32 (10), 1651-1669, 2014
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