Petro Smertenko
Petro Smertenko
National Academy of Science of Ukraine
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Injection technique for the study of solar cell test structures
R Ciach, YP Dotsenko, VV Naumov, AN Shmyryeva, PS Smertenko
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 76 (4), 613-624, 2003
Differential approach to the study of integral characteristics in polymer films
P Smertenko, L Fenenko, L Brehmer, S Schrader
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Photovoltaic cells based on cadmium sulphide–phthalocyanine heterojunction
PS Smertenko, VP Kostylev, VV Kislyuk, AF Syngaevsky, SA Zynio, ...
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Hafnium dioxide as a passivating layer and diffusive barrier in ZnO/Ag Schottky junctions obtained by atomic layer deposition
TA Krajewski, G Luka, S Gieraltowska, AJ Zakrzewski, PS Smertenko, ...
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Probing of charge and energy transfer in hybrid systems of Aniline− 3-Methylthiophene copolymer with CdS and CdSe nanoparticles
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Hybrid solar cell on a carbon fiber
DA Grynko, AN Fedoryak, PS Smertenko, OP Dimitriev, NA Ogurtsov, ...
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Doping of polyaniline by transition metal salts: current–voltage characteristics of the ITO/polymer film/metal heterostructures
PS Smertenko, OP Dimitriev, S Schrader, L Brehmer
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Interfacial properties and formation of a Schottky barrier at the CdS/PEDOT: PSS hybrid junction
VV Kislyuk, MI Fedorchenko, PS Smertenko, OP Dimitriev, AA Pud
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G Wisz, E Sheregii, M Kuźma, PS Smertenko, SV Svechnikov, ...
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Electrochemically assembled planar hybrid poly (3-methylthiophene)/ZnO nanostructured composites
D Sydorov, P Smertenko, Y Piryatinski, T Yoshida, A Pud
Electrochimica acta 81, 83-89, 2012
Schottky junctions based on the ALD-ZnO thin films for electronic applications
TA Krajewski, G Luka, PS Smertenko, AJ Zakrzewski, K Dybko, R Jakiela, ...
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New organic materials for organic-inorganic silicon-based solar cells
T Gorbach, V Kostylyov, P Smertenko
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 535 (1), 174-178, 2011
Synthesis and properties of hybrid poly (3-methylthiophene)-CdSe nanocomposite and estimation of its photovoltaic ability
NA Ogurtsov, AA Pud, OP Dimitriev, YP Piryatinski, PS Smertenko, ...
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 536 (1), 33/[265]-40/[272], 2011
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