Boris B Averkiev
Boris B Averkiev
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A concentric planar doubly π-aromatic B 19− cluster
W Huang, AP Sergeeva, HJ Zhai, BB Averkiev, LS Wang, AI Boldyrev
Nature chemistry 2 (3), 202-206, 2010
All-boron analogues of aromatic hydrocarbons: B17 and B18
AP Sergeeva, BB Averkiev, HJ Zhai, AI Boldyrev, LS Wang
The Journal of chemical physics 134 (22), 224304, 2011
Aromaticity and antiaromaticity in transition-metal systems
DY Zubarev, BB Averkiev, HJ Zhai, LS Wang, AI Boldyrev
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 10 (2), 257-267, 2008
δ Aromaticity in [Ta3O3]
HJ Zhai, BB Averkiev, DY Zubarev, LS Wang, AI Boldyrev
Angewandte Chemie 119 (23), 4355-4358, 2007
Carbon Avoids Hypercoordination in CB6, CB62−, and C2B5 Planar Carbon−Boron Clusters
BB Averkiev, DY Zubarev, LM Wang, W Huang, LS Wang, AI Boldyrev
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (29), 9248-9250, 2008
CB7: Experimental and Theoretical Evidence against Hypercoordinate Planar Carbon
LM Wang, W Huang, BB Averkiev, AI Boldyrev, LS Wang
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 46 (24), 4550-4553, 2007
Experimental and theoretical investigations of CB 8−: towards rational design of hypercoordinated planar chemical species
BB Averkiev, LM Wang, W Huang, LS Wang, AI Boldyrev
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (42), 9840-9849, 2009
Hf3 Cluster Is Triply (σ-, π-, and δ-) Aromatic in the Lowest D3h, 1A1‘ State
BB Averkiev, AI Boldyrev
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 111 (50), 12864-12866, 2007
How accurate are electronic structure methods for actinoid chemistry?
BB Averkiev, M Mantina, R Valero, I Infante, A Kovacs, DG Truhlar, ...
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 129 (3), 657-666, 2011
Density functional theory of open-shell systems. the 3d-series transition-metal atoms and their cations
S Luo, B Averkiev, KR Yang, X Xu, DG Truhlar
Journal of chemical theory and computation 10 (1), 102-121, 2014
Binding energy of d10 transition metals to alkenes by wave function theory and density functional theory
BB Averkiev, Y Zhao, DG Truhlar
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 324 (1-2), 80-88, 2010
High-pressure stability of energetic crystal of dihydroxylammonium 5, 5′-bistetrazole-1, 1′-diolate: Raman spectroscopy and DFT calculations
ZA Dreger, Y Tao, BB Averkiev, YM Gupta, TM Klapötke
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119 (22), 6836-6847, 2015
Free energy of reaction by density functional theory: oxidative addition of ammonia by an iridium complex with PCP pincer ligands
BB Averkiev, DG Truhlar
Catalysis Science & Technology 1 (8), 1526-1529, 2011
Synthesis of secondary and tertiary aminofurazans
AB Sheremetev, VG Andrianov, EV Mantseva, EV Shatunova, ...
Russian chemical bulletin 53 (3), 596-614, 2004
Theoretical design of planar molecules with a nona-and decacoordinate central atom
BB Averkiev, AI Boldyrev
Russian Journal of General Chemistry 78 (4), 769-773, 2008
A new ferromagnetically coupled μ-alkoxo–μ-acetato copper (II) trinuclear complex:[Cu3 (H2tea)(Htea)(CH3COO) 2](ClO4)(H3tea= triethanolamine)
V Tudor, VC Kravtsov, M Julve, F Lloret, YA Simonov, BB Averkiev, ...
Inorganica chimica acta 358 (6), 2066-2072, 2005
X-ray structural study of three derivatives of dinitropyrazine
BB Averkiev, MY Antipin, IL Yudin, AB Sheremetev
Journal of molecular structure 606 (1-3), 139-146, 2002
Density functional theory calculations of pressure effects on the structure and vibrations of 1, 1-diamino-2, 2-dinitroethene (FOX-7)
BB Averkiev, ZA Dreger, S Chaudhuri
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 118 (43), 10002-10010, 2014
Planar to Linear Structural Transition in Small Boron−Carbon Mixed Clusters: CxB5−x (x = 1−5)
LM Wang, BB Averkiev, JA Ramilowski, W Huang, LS Wang, AI Boldyrev
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (40), 14104-14112, 2010
Planar nitrogen-doped aluminum clusters
BB Averkiev, AI Boldyrev, X Li, LS Wang
The Journal of chemical physics 125 (12), 124305, 2006
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