Stamoulis C. Kostas
Stamoulis C. Kostas
University of Ioannina-Physics Department-Archaeometry Center
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Soil gas radon: a tool for exploring active fault zones
K Ioannides, C Papachristodoulou, K Stamoulis, D Karamanis, S Pavlides, ...
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Natural radionuclides and heavy metals in bottled water in Greece
D Karamanis, K Stamoulis, KG Ioannides
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A re-evaluation of radiation dose-rate conversion factors
I Liritzis, K Stamoulis, C Papachristodoulou, K Ioannides
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Strontium-90 concentration measurements in human bones and teeth in Greece
KC Stamoulis, PA Assimakopoulos, KG Ioannides, E Johnson, ...
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Wind energy resources in the Ionian Sea
D Karamanis, C Tsabaris, K Stamoulis, D Georgopoulos
Renewable Energy 36 (2), 815-822, 2011
Spatial and seasonal trends of natural radioactivity and heavy metals in river waters of Epirus, Macedonia and Thessalia
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Rapid screening of 90Sr activity in water and milk samples using Cherenkov radiation
KC Stamoulis, KG Ioannides, DT Karamanis, DC Patiris
Journal of environmental radioactivity 93 (3), 144-156, 2007
A survey of 222Rn concentrations in dwellings of the town of Metsovo in North-Western Greece
KG Ioannides, KC Stamoulis, CA Papachristodoulou
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Environmental assessment of natural radionuclides and heavy metals in waters discharged from a lignite-fired power plant
D Karamanis, K Ioannides, K Stamoulis
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Radon activity levels and effective doses in the Perama Cave, Greece
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Determination of 226Ra in aqueous solutions via sorption on thin films and α-spectrometry
D Karamanis, KG Ioannides, KC Stamoulis
Analytica chimica acta 573, 319-327, 2006
Neutron-induced fission cross section of measured at the CERN n_TOF facility
D Karadimos, R Vlastou, K Ioannidis, P Demetriou, M Diakaki, ...
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Radiocaesium transfer to sheep's milk as a result of soil ingestion
PA Assimakopoulos, KG Ioannides, DT Karamanis, AA Pakou, ...
Science of the total environment 136 (1-2), 13-24, 1993
Distribution of heavy metals in sediment cores of Lake Pamvotis (Greece): a pollution and potential risk assessment
K Ioannides, K Stamoulis, C Papachristodoulou, E Tziamou, ...
Environmental monitoring and assessment 187 (1), 1-16, 2015
Middle–Late Holocene earthquake history of the Gyrtoni Fault, Central Greece: Insight from optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating and paleoseismology
IM Tsodoulos, K Stamoulis, R Caputo, I Koukouvelas, A Chatzipetros, ...
Tectonophysics 687, 14-27, 2016
Kinetics of radiocesium sorption in lake sediments.
IL Kirikopoulos, KG Ioannides, DT Karamanis, KC Stamoulis, ...
Health physics 66 (1), 36-42, 1994
Neutron-induced fission cross section of in the keV to MeV range at the CERN n_TOF facility
M Diakaki, D Karadimos, R Vlastou, M Kokkoris, P Demetriou, E Skordis, ...
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Radiocesium sorption-desorption processes in lake sediments
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Assessment of tritium levels in rivers and precipitation in north-western Greece before the ITER operation
KC Stamoulis, D Karamanis, KG Ioannides
Fusion Engineering and design 86 (2-3), 206-213, 2011
Measurements of222Rn migration in soil
KG Ioannides, C Papachristodoulou, DT Karamanis, KC Stamoulis, ...
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear chemistry 208 (2), 541-547, 1996
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