Adekunle Adeyeye
Adekunle Adeyeye
Professor @ Durham University, United Kingdom
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Single-domain circular nanomagnets
RP Cowburn, DK Koltsov, AO Adeyeye, ME Welland, DM Tricker
Physical Review Letters 83 (5), 1042, 1999
Observation of frequency band gaps in a one-dimensional nanostructured magnonic crystal
ZK Wang, VL Zhang, HS Lim, SC Ng, MH Kuok, S Jain, AO Adeyeye
Applied Physics Letters 94 (8), 083112, 2009
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless terminals and telephones
JJ Kubler, MD Morris
US Patent 6,850,510, 2005
Brillouin light scattering studies of planar metallic magnonic crystals
G Gubbiotti, S Tacchi, M Madami, G Carlotti, AO Adeyeye, M Kostylev
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 43 (26), 264003, 2010
Configurational anisotropy in nanomagnets
RP Cowburn, AO Adeyeye, ME Welland
Physical review letters 81 (24), 5414, 1998
Magnetic domain formation in lithographically defined antidot Permalloy arrays
RP Cowburn, AO Adeyeye, JAC Bland
Applied physics letters 70 (17), 2309-2311, 1997
Large area patterned magnetic nanostructures
AO Adeyeye, N Singh
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 41 (15), 153001, 2008
Ultra-narrow silicon nanowire gate-all-around CMOS devices: Impact of diameter, channel-orientation and low temperature on device performance
N Singh, FY Lim, WW Fang, SC Rustagi, LK Bera, A Agarwal, CH Tung, ...
2006 International Electron Devices Meeting, 1-4, 2006
Magnetic antidot nanostructures: effect of lattice geometry
CC Wang, AO Adeyeye, N Singh
Nanotechnology 17 (6), 1629, 2006
Nanostructured magnonic crystals with size-tunable bandgaps
ZK Wang, VL Zhang, HS Lim, SC Ng, MH Kuok, S Jain, AO Adeyeye
ACS nano 4 (2), 643-648, 2010
Size-induced effect on nano-crystalline CoFe2O4
V Kumar, A Rana, MS Yadav, RP Pant
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 320 (11), 1729-1734, 2008
Collective spin modes in monodimensional magnonic crystals consisting of dipolarly coupled nanowires
G Gubbiotti, S Tacchi, G Carlotti, N Singh, S Goolaup, AO Adeyeye, ...
Applied Physics Letters 90 (9), 092503, 2007
Magnetostatic interaction in arrays of nanometric permalloy wires: A magneto-optic Kerr effect and a Brillouin light scattering study
G Gubbiotti, S Tacchi, G Carlotti, P Vavassori, N Singh, S Goolaup, ...
Physical Review B 72 (22), 224413, 2005
A reconfigurable waveguide for energy-efficient transmission and local manipulation of information in a nanomagnetic device
A Haldar, D Kumar, AO Adeyeye
Nature nanotechnology 11 (5), 437-443, 2016
Sc modified multiferroic thin films prepared through a sol-gel process
SR Shannigrahi, A Huang, N Chandrasekhar, D Tripathy, AO Adeyeye
Applied physics letters 90 (2), 022901, 2007
Partial frequency band gap in one-dimensional magnonic crystals
M Kostylev, P Schrader, RL Stamps, G Gubbiotti, G Carlotti, AO Adeyeye, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (13), 132504, 2008
Controlling magnetic ordering in coupled nanomagnet arrays
RP Cowburn, AO Adeyeye, ME Welland
New Journal of Physics 1 (1), 16, 1999
Band diagram of spin waves in a two-dimensional magnonic crystal
S Tacchi, F Montoncello, M Madami, G Gubbiotti, G Carlotti, L Giovannini, ...
Physical review letters 107 (12), 127204, 2011
Fabrication of large area nanomagnets
N Singh, S Goolaup, AO Adeyeye
Nanotechnology 15 (11), 1539, 2004
Magnetic properties of arrays of “holes” in films
AO Adeyeye, JAC Bland, C Daboo
Applied physics letters 70 (23), 3164-3166, 1997
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