F. Angulo-Brown
F. Angulo-Brown
Profesor de Fisica
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An ecological optimization criterion for finite‐time heat engines
F Angulo‐Brown
Journal of Applied Physics 69 (11), 7465-7469, 1991
The Beaker phenomenon and the genomic transformation of northwest Europe
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Landscape Evolution in the Middle Thames Valley: Heathrow Terminal 5 Excavations: Volume 1, Perry Oaks: Perry Oaks V. 1 (Framework Archaeology Monograph).
J Lewis
Oxford Archaeology, 2006
Thermodynamic optimality in some biochemical reactions
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Multicentre prospective cohort study of body mass index and postoperative complications following gastrointestinal surgery
S Collaborative, TM Drake, D Nepogodiev, SJ Chapman, JC Glasbey, ...
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Simple model of the aging effect in heart interbeat time series
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Multiscale entropy analysis of electroseismic time series
L Guzman-Vargas, A Ramírez-Rojas, F Angulo-Brown
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Epidemiology of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in a UK district hospital; an observational study
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Journal of Hospital Infection 81 (4), 270-277, 2012
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