Jianfeng Lin
Jianfeng Lin
The Lundquist Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
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Life Cycle of Cryptococcus neoformans
Y Zhao, J Lin, Y Fan, X Lin
Annual review of microbiology 73, 17-42, 2019
Morphology and its underlying genetic regulation impact the interaction between Cryptococcus neoformans and its hosts
J Lin, A Idnurm, X Lin
Medical mycology 53 (5), 493-504, 2015
Pheromone independent unisexual development in Cryptococcus neoformans
R Gyawali, Y Zhao, J Lin, Y Fan, X Xu, S Upadhyay, X Lin
PLoS genetics 13 (5), e1006772, 2017
Dectin-1-targeted antifungal liposomes exhibit enhanced efficacy
S Ambati, AR Ferarro, SE Kang, J Lin, X Lin, M Momany, ZA Lewis, ...
MSphere 4 (1), e00025-19, 2019
Activation of EphA2-EGFR signaling in oral epithelial cells by Candida albicans virulence factors
M Swidergall, NV Solis, N Millet, MY Huang, J Lin, QT Phan, MD Lazarus, ...
PLoS pathogens 17 (1), e1009221, 2021
Transcription factor Znf2 coordinates with the chromatin remodeling SWI/SNF complex to regulate cryptococcal cellular differentiation
J Lin, Y Zhao, AR Ferraro, E Yang, ZA Lewis, X Lin
Communications biology 2 (1), 1-14, 2019
Glucosamine stimulates pheromone-independent dimorphic transition in Cryptococcus neoformans by promoting Crz1 nuclear translocation
X Xu, J Lin, Y Zhao, E Kirkman, YS So, YS Bahn, X Lin
PLoS genetics 13 (9), e1006982, 2017
Dectin-1-Targeted Antifungal Liposomes Exhibit Enhanced Efficacy
RBM Suresh Ambati, Aileen R. Ferarro, S. Earl Khang, Jianfeng Lin, Xiaorong ...
mSpere 4 (1), 2019
Determining Aspergillus fumigatus transcription factor expression and function during invasion of the mammalian lung
H Liu, W Xu, VM Bruno, QT Phan, NV Solis, CA Woolford, RL Ehrlich, ...
PLoS pathogens 17 (3), e1009235, 2021
Transformation of Cryptococcus neoformans by Electroporation Using a Transient CRISPR-Cas9 Expression (TRACE) System
J Lin, Y Fan, X Lin
Fungal Genetics and Biology, 103364, 2020
Erratum for Ambati et al.,“Dectin-1-Targeted Antifungal Liposomes Exhibit Enhanced Efficacy”
S Ambati, AR Ferarro, SE Kang, J Lin, X Lin, M Momany, ZA Lewis, ...
Msphere 4 (2), e00121-19, 2019
Immunoprotection against Cryptococcosis Offered by Znf2 Depends on Capsule and the Hyphal Morphology
J Lin, T Pham, K Hipsher, N Glueck, Y Fan, X Lin
Mbio 13 (1), e02785-21, 2022
Fungal dysbiosis and survival after allo-HCT
J Lin, SG Filler
Nature microbiology 6 (12), 1473-1474, 2021
The globular C1q receptor is required for epidermal growth factor receptor signaling during Candida albicans infection
QT Phan, J Lin, NV Solis, M Eng, M Swidergall, F Wang, S Li, SL Gaffen, ...
Mbio 12 (6), e02716-21, 2021
Identification of Serum Bridging Molecules that Mediate Human Endothelial Cell Invasion by Candida species
QT Phan, NV Solis, J Lin, M Swidergall, S Singh, H Liu, DC Sheppard, ...
bioRxiv, 2021
Hyphal morphogenesis of the human fungal pathogen cryptococcus neoformans
J Lin
University of Georgia, 2019
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