Ikaro Silva
Ikaro Silva
Senior Scientist at Philips
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AF classification from a short single lead ECG recording: The PhysioNet/computing in cardiology challenge 2017
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An open access database for the evaluation of heart sound algorithms
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An Open-source Toolbox for Analysing and Processing PhysioNet Databases in MATLAB and Octave.
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Non-invasive fetal ECG analysis
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The PhysioNet/computing in cardiology challenge 2015: reducing false arrhythmia alarms in the ICU
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Transfer entropy estimation and directional coupling change detection in biomedical time series
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Recent advances in heart sound analysis
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A machine learning approach for gait speed estimation using skin-mounted wearable sensors: From healthy controls to individuals with multiple sclerosis
RS McGinnis, N Mahadevan, Y Moon, K Seagers, N Sheth, JA Wright Jr, ...
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Robust detection of heart beats in multimodal data
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Robust detection of heart beats in multimodal data: the physionet/computing in cardiology challenge 2014
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Signal quality estimation with multichannel adaptive filtering in intensive care settings
I Silva, J Lee, RG Mark
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 59 (9), 2476-2485, 2012
False alarm reduction in critical care
GD Clifford, I Silva, B Moody, Q Li, D Kella, A Chahin, T Kooistra, D Perry, ...
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Automated detection and configuration of wearable devices based on on-body status, location, and/or orientation
EJ Shyamal Patel, Ryan S Mcginnis, Aadithya Prakash, Roozbeh Ghaffari, Milan ...
US Patent US20160249174 A1, 2016
Quality estimation of the electrocardiogram using cross-correlation among leads
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Predicting in-hospital mortality of icu patients: The physionet/computing in cardiology challenge 2012. In 2012 Computing in Cardiology
I Silva, G Moody, DJ Scott, LA Celi, RG Mark
IEEE, 2012
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