Daniel S Karp
Daniel S Karp
Assistant Professor, University of California Davis
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Essential biodiversity variables
HM Pereira, S Ferrier, M Walters, GN Geller, RHG Jongman, RJ Scholes, ...
Science 339 (6117), 277-278, 2013
When natural habitat fails to enhance biological pest control–Five hypotheses
T Tscharntke, DS Karp, R Chaplin-Kramer, P Batáry, F DeClerck, ...
Biological Conservation 204, 449-458, 2016
Forest bolsters bird abundance, pest control and coffee yield
DS Karp, CD Mendenhall, RF Sandí, N Chaumont, PR Ehrlich, EA Hadly, ...
Ecology letters 16 (11), 1339-1347, 2013
Predicting biodiversity change and averting collapse in agricultural landscapes
CD Mendenhall, DS Karp, CFJ Meyer, EA Hadly, GC Daily
Nature 509 (7499), 213-217, 2014
Working together: A call for inclusive conservation
H Tallis, J Lubchenco
Nature News 515 (7525), 27, 2014
Crop pests and predators exhibit inconsistent responses to surrounding landscape composition
DS Karp, R Chaplin-Kramer, TD Meehan, EA Martin, F DeClerck, H Grab, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (33), E7863-E7870, 2018
Functional traits in agriculture: agrobiodiversity and ecosystem services
SA Wood, DS Karp, F DeClerck, C Kremen, S Naeem, CA Palm
Trends in ecology & evolution 30 (9), 531-539, 2015
Intensive agriculture erodes β‐diversity at large scales
DS Karp, AJ Rominger, J Zook, J Ranganathan, PR Ehrlich, GC Daily
Ecology letters 15 (9), 963-970, 2012
A global synthesis reveals biodiversity-mediated benefits for crop production
M Dainese, EA Martin, MA Aizen, M Albrecht, I Bartomeus, R Bommarco, ...
Science advances 5 (10), eaax0121, 2019
Loss of avian phylogenetic diversity in neotropical agricultural systems
LO Frishkoff, DS Karp, LK M’Gonigle, CD Mendenhall, J Zook, C Kremen, ...
science 345 (6202), 1343-1346, 2014
Hydraulic diversity of forests regulates ecosystem resilience during drought
WRL Anderegg, AG Konings, AT Trugman, K Yu, DR Bowling, R Gabbitas, ...
Nature 561 (7724), 538-541, 2018
A global system for monitoring ecosystem service change
H Tallis, H Mooney, S Andelman, P Balvanera, W Cramer, D Karp, ...
Bioscience 62 (11), 977-986, 2012
Bird and bat predation services in tropical forests and agroforestry landscapes
B Maas, DS Karp, S Bumrungsri, K Darras, D Gonthier, JCC Huang, ...
Biological Reviews 91 (4), 1081-1101, 2016
Climate change and habitat conversion favour the same species
LO Frishkoff, DS Karp, JR Flanders, J Zook, EA Hadly, GC Daily, ...
Ecology letters 19 (9), 1081-1090, 2016
Biodiversity and ecosystem services in agroecosystems
K Garbach, JC Milder, M Montenegro, DS Karp, FAJ DeClerck
Encyclopedia of agriculture and food systems 2, 21-40, 2014
Resilience and stability in bird guilds across tropical countryside
DS Karp, G Ziv, J Zook, PR Ehrlich, GC Daily
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (52), 21134-21139, 2011
Cascading effects of insectivorous birds and bats in tropical coffee plantations
DS Karp, GC Daily
Ecology 95 (4), 1065-1074, 2014
Comanaging fresh produce for nature conservation and food safety
DS Karp, S Gennet, C Kilonzo, M Partyka, N Chaumont, ER Atwill, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (35), 11126-11131, 2015
The eco-evolutionary impacts of domestication and agricultural practices on wild species
MM Turcotte, H Araki, DS Karp, K Poveda, SR Whitehead
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 372 …, 2017
Sound the stressor: how Hoatzins (Opisthocomus hoazin) react to ecotourist conversation
DS Karp, TL Root
Biodiversity and Conservation 18 (14), 3733-3742, 2009
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