Tadeusz Lesniewski
Tadeusz Lesniewski
Institute of Experimental Physics, University of Gdańsk
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Narrow Red Emission Band Fluoride Phosphor KNaSiF6:Mn4+ for Warm White Light-Emitting Diodes
Y Jin, MH Fang, M Grinberg, S Mahlik, T Lesniewski, MG Brik, GY Luo, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (18), 11194-11203, 2016
High Color Rendering Index of Rb2GeF6:Mn4+ for Light-Emitting Diodes
WL Wu, MH Fang, W Zhou, T Lesniewski, S Mahlik, M Grinberg, MG Brik, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (3), 935-939, 2017
Super Broadband Near-Infrared Phosphors with High Radiant Flux as Future Light Sources for Spectroscopy Applications
V Rajendran, MH Fang, GND Guzman, T Lesniewski, S Mahlik, ...
ACS Energy Letters 3 (11), 2679-2684, 2018
Control of Luminescence by Tuning of Crystal Symmetry and Local Structure in Mn4+‐Activated Narrow Band Fluoride Phosphors
MH Fang, WL Wu, Y Jin, T Lesniewski, S Mahlik, M Grinberg, MG Brik, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (7), 1797-1801, 2018
Revisiting Cr3+-Doped Bi2Ga4O9 Spectroscopy: Crystal Field Effect and Optical Thermometric Behavior of Near-Infrared-Emitting Singly-Activated Phosphors
M Back, J Ueda, MG Brik, T Lesniewski, M Grinberg, S Tanabe
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (48), 41512-41524, 2018
Controlling of Structural Ordering and Rigidity of β-SiAlON: Eu through Chemical Cosubstitution to Approach Narrow-Band-Emission for Light-Emitting Diodes Application
X Zhang, MH Fang, YT Tsai, A Lazarowska, S Mahlik, T Lesniewski, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (16), 6781-6792, 2017
Penetrating Biological Tissue Using Light-Emitting Diodes with a Highly Efficient Near-Infrared ScBO3:Cr3+ Phosphor
MH Fang, PY Huang, Z Bao, N Majewska, T Lesniewski, S Mahlik, ...
Chemistry of Materials 32 (5), 2166-2171, 2020
Chemical Control of SrLi(Al1–xGax)3N4:Eu2+ Red Phosphors at Extreme Conditions for Application in Light-Emitting Diodes
MH Fang, SY Meng, N Majewska, T Leśniewski, S Mahlik, M Grinberg, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (12), 4614-4618, 2019
3d3 system–Comparison of Mn4+ and Cr3+ in different lattices
M Grinberg, T Lesniewski, S Mahlik, RS Liu
Optical Materials 74, 93-100, 2017
Low and high field sites of Cr3+ ions in calcium tetraborate glasses
T Lesniewski, BV Padlyak, J Barzowska, S Mahlik, VT Adamiv, Z Nurgul, ...
Optical Materials 59, 120-125, 2016
Ultra-Broadband Phosphors Converted Near-Infrared Light Emitting Diode with Efficient Radiant Power for Spectroscopy Applications
V Rajendran, T Lesniewski, S Mahlik, M Grinberg, G Leniec, ...
ACS Photonics 6 (12), 3215-3224, 2019
Temperature effect on the emission spectra of narrow band Mn 4+ phosphors for application in LEDs
T Lesniewski, S Mahlik, M Grinberg, RS Liu
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (48), 32505-32513, 2017
KMgF3:Eu2+ as a new fluorescence-based pressure sensor for diamond anvil cell experiments
J Barzowska, T Lesniewski, S Mahlik, HJ Seo, M Grinberg
Optical Materials 84, 99-102, 2018
Chromium (III)-doped fluoride phosphors with broadband infrared emission for light-emitting diodes
C Lee, Z Bao, MH Fang, T Lesniewski, S Mahlik, M Grinberg, G Leniec, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 59 (1), 376-385, 2019
Hydrogen-Containing Na3HTi1–xMnxF8 Narrow-Band Phosphor for Light-Emitting Diodes
MH Fang, TH Yang, T Lesniewski, C Lee, S Mahlik, M Grinberg, ...
ACS Energy Letters 4 (2), 527-533, 2019
Efficient Luminescence from CsPbBr3 Nanoparticles Embedded in Cs4PbBr6
Z Bao, YJ Tseng, W You, W Zheng, X Chen, S Mahlik, A Lazarowska, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (18), 7637-7642, 2020
Thermally Stable and Deep Red Luminescence of Sr1–xBax[Mg2Al2N4]:Eu2+ (x = 0–1) Phosphors for Solid State and Agricultural Lighting Applications
JL Leaño Jr, COM Mariano, WT Huang, S Mahlik, T Lesniewski, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (20), 23165-23171, 2020
Comparison of quenching mechanisms in Gd 3 Al 5− x Ga x O 12: Ce 3+(x= 3 and 5) garnet phosphors by photocurrent excitation spectroscopy
T Lesniewski, S Mahlik, K Asami, J Ueda, M Grinberg, S Tanabe
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (27), 18380-18390, 2018
Non-radiative processes and luminescence quenching in Mn4+ doped phosphors
M Grinberg, T Lesniewski
Journal of Luminescence 214, 116574, 2019
Evolution of the optical properties of chromium doped calcium tetraborate glass under high pressure
T Lesniewski, J Barzowska, S Mahlik, M Behrendt, BV Padlyak, ...
Journal of Luminescence 177, 111-118, 2016
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