Ching-Wu Chu
Ching-Wu Chu
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Superconductivity at 93 K in a new mixed-phase Y-Ba-Cu-O compound system at ambient pressure
MK Wu, JR Ashburn, CJ Torng, PH Hor, RL Meng, L Gao, ZJ Huang, ...
Physical Review Letters 58 (9), 908, 1987
Evidence for superconductivity above 40 K in the La-Ba-Cu-O compound system
CW Chu, PH Hor, RL Meng, L Gao, ZJ Huang, YQ Wang
Physical Review Letters 58 (4), 405, 1987
Superconductivity above 90 K in the square-planar compound system A Ba 2 Cu 3 O 6+ x with A= Y, La, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Ho, Er and Lu
PH Hor, RL Meng, YQ Wang, L Gao, ZJ Huang, J Bechtold, K Forster, ...
Physical review letters 58 (18), 1891, 1987
Superconductivity up to 164 K in HgBa 2 Ca m− 1 Cu m O 2 m+ 2+ δ (m= 1, 2, and 3) under quasihydrostatic pressures
L Gao, YY Xue, F Chen, Q Xiong, RL Meng, D Ramirez, CW Chu, ...
Physical Review B 50 (6), 4260, 1994
Superconductivity above 150 K in HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8+ δ at high pressures
CW Chu, L Gao, F Chen, ZJ Huang, RL Meng, YY Xue
Nature Publishing Group 365 (6444), 323-325, 1993
Superconducting Fe-based compounds (A 1− x Sr x) Fe 2 As 2 with A= K and Cs with transition temperatures up to 37 K
K Sasmal, B Lv, B Lorenz, AM Guloy, F Chen, YY Xue, CW Chu
Physical Review Letters 101 (10), 107007, 2008
LiFeAs: An intrinsic FeAs-based superconductor with Tc=18 K
JH Tapp, ZJ Tang, B Lv, K Sasmal, B Lorenz, CW Chu, AM Guloy
Physical Review B 78 (6), 060505, 2008
Superconductivity in the high-T c Bi-Ca-Sr-Cu-O system: Phase identification
RM Hazen, CT Prewitt, RJ Angel, NL Ross, LW Finger, CG Hadidiacos, ...
Physical review letters 60 (12), 1174, 1988
Raman spectroscopy of orthorhombic perovskitelike YMnO 3 and LaMnO 3
MN Iliev, MV Abrashev, HG Lee, VN Popov, YY Sun, C Thomsen, ...
Physical Review B 57 (5), 2872, 1998
Coupling between the ferroelectric and antiferromagnetic orders in YMnO 3
ZJ Huang, Y Cao, YY Sun, YY Xue, CW Chu
Physical Review B 56 (5), 2623, 1997
Superconductivity up to 114 K in the Bi-Al-Ca-Sr-Cu-O compound system without rare-earth elements
CW Chu, J Bechtold, L Gao, PH Hor, ZJ Huang, RL Meng, YY Sun, ...
Physical review letters 60 (10), 941, 1988
Field-driven hysteretic and reversible resistive switch at the Ag-Pr0. 7Ca0. 3MnO3 interface
A Baikalov, YQ Wang, B Shen, B Lorenz, S Tsui, YY Sun, YY Xue, ...
arXiv preprint cond-mat/0212464, 2002
High-pressure study of the new Y-Ba-Cu-O superconducting compound system
PH Hor, L Gao, RL Meng, ZJ Huang, YQ Wang, K Forster, J Vassilious, ...
Physical review letters 58 (9), 911, 1987
Crystallographic description of phases in the Y-Ba-Cu-O superconductor
RM Hazen, LW Finger, RJ Angel, CT Prewitt, NL Ross, HK Mao, ...
Physical Review B 35 (13), 7238, 1987
Field-induced resistive switching in metal-oxide interfaces
S Tsui, A Baikalov, J Cmaidalka, YY Sun, YQ Wang, YY Xue, CW Chu, ...
Applied physics letters 85 (2), 317-319, 2004
Superconductivity at 52.5 K in the lanthanum-barium-copper-oxide system
CW Chu, PH Hor, RL Meng, L Gao, ZJ Huang
Science 235 (4788), 567-569, 1987
Relationship between thermoelectric figure of merit and energy conversion efficiency
HS Kim, W Liu, G Chen, CW Chu, Z Ren
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (27), 8205-8210, 2015
Large magnetodielectric effects in orthorhombic Ho Mn O 3 and Y Mn O 3
B Lorenz, YQ Wang, YY Sun, CW Chu
Physical Review B 70 (21), 212412, 2004
Field-Induced Reentrant Novel Phase and a Ferroelectric-Magnetic Order Coupling in H o M n O 3
B Lorenz, AP Litvinchuk, MM Gospodinov, CW Chu
Physical review letters 92 (8), 087204, 2004
Synthesis of the high-temperature superconductors HgBa 2 CaCu 2 O 6+ δ and HgBa 2 Ca 2 Cu 3 O 8+ δ
RL Meng, L Beauvais, XN Zhang, ZJ Huang, YY Sun, YY Xue, CW Chu
Physica C: Superconductivity 216 (1), 21-28, 1993
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