Antonio Negretti
Antonio Negretti
Zentrum für Optische Quantentechnologien, University of Hamburg
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Cold hybrid ion-atom systems
M Tomza, K Jachymski, R Gerritsma, A Negretti, T Calarco, Z Idziaszek, ...
Reviews of modern physics 91 (3), 035001, 2019
Optimal control of complex atomic quantum systems
S van Frank, M Bonneau, J Schmiedmayer, S Hild, C Gross, M Cheneau, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 34187, 2016
Optimal control of open quantum systems: Cooperative effects of driving and dissipation
R Schmidt, A Negretti, J Ankerhold, T Calarco, JT Stockburger
Physical review letters 107 (13), 130404, 2011
Microwave potentials and optimal control for robust quantum gates on an atom chip
P Treutlein, TW Hänsch, J Reichel, A Negretti, MA Cirone, T Calarco
Physical Review A 74 (2), 022312, 2006
Emulating solid-state physics with a hybrid system of ultracold ions and atoms
U Bissbort, D Cocks, A Negretti, Z Idziaszek, T Calarco, F Schmidt-Kaler, ...
Physical Review Letters 111 (8), 080501, 2013
Interferometry with non-classical motional states of a Bose–Einstein condensate
S Van Frank, A Negretti, T Berrada, R Bücker, S Montangero, JF Schaff, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 4009, 2014
Holographic quantum computing
K Tordrup, A Negretti, K Mølmer
Physical review letters 101 (4), 040501, 2008
Quantum computing implementations with neutral particles
A Negretti, P Treutlein, T Calarco
Quantum information processing 10, 721-753, 2011
Comparison between microscopic methods for finite-temperature Bose gases
SP Cockburn, A Negretti, NP Proukakis, C Henkel
Physical Review A 83 (4), 043619, 2011
Demonstration of quantum brachistochrones between distant states of an atom
MR Lam, N Peter, T Groh, W Alt, C Robens, D Meschede, A Negretti, ...
Physical Review X 11 (1), 011035, 2021
Theoretical analysis of a realistic atom-chip quantum gate
E Charron, MA Cirone, A Negretti, J Schmiedmayer, T Calarco
Physical Review A 74 (1), 012308, 2006
Bosonic Josephson junction controlled by a single trapped ion
R Gerritsma, A Negretti, H Doerk, Z Idziaszek, T Calarco, F Schmidt-Kaler
Physical Review Letters 109 (8), 080402, 2012
Quantum speed limit and optimal control of many-boson dynamics
I Brouzos, AI Streltsov, A Negretti, RS Said, T Caneva, S Montangero, ...
Physical Review A 92 (6), 062110, 2015
Controlled long-range interactions between Rydberg atoms and ions
T Secker, R Gerritsma, AW Glaetzle, A Negretti
Physical Review A 94 (1), 013420, 2016
Enhanced phase sensitivity and soliton formation in an integrated BEC interferometer
A Negretti, C Henkel
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 37 (23), L385, 2004
Unraveling the structure of ultracold mesoscopic collinear molecular ions
JM Schurer, A Negretti, P Schmelcher
Physical Review Letters 119 (6), 063001, 2017
Ionic polaron in a Bose-Einstein condensate
GE Astrakharchik, LAP Ardila, R Schmidt, K Jachymski, A Negretti
Communications Physics 4 (1), 94, 2021
Ground-state properties of ultracold trapped bosons with an immersed ionic impurity
JM Schurer, P Schmelcher, A Negretti
Physical Review A 90 (3), 033601, 2014
Capture dynamics of ultracold atoms in the presence of an impurity ion
JM Schurer, A Negretti, P Schmelcher
New Journal of Physics 17 (8), 083024, 2015
A simple quantum gate with atom chips
MA Cirone, A Negretti, T Calarco, P Krüger, J Schmiedmayer
The European Physical Journal D-Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma …, 2005
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