Ilya Ponomarev
Ilya Ponomarev
Senior Research Analyst
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Optical signatures of coupled quantum dots
EA Stinaff, M Scheibner, AS Bracker, IV Ponomarev, VL Korenev, ...
Science 311 (5761), 636-639, 2006
Engineering electron and hole tunneling with asymmetric InAs quantum dot molecules
AS Bracker, M Scheibner, MF Doty, EA Stinaff, IV Ponomarev, JC Kim, ...
Applied Physics Letters 89 (23), 233110, 2006
Electrically tunable g factors in quantum dot molecular spin states
MF Doty, M Scheibner, IV Ponomarev, EA Stinaff, AS Bracker, VL Korenev, ...
Physical review letters 97 (19), 197202, 2006
New class of magnetoresistance oscillations: interaction of a two-dimensional electron gas with leaky interface phonons
MA Zudov, IV Ponomarev, AL Efros, RR Du, JA Simmons, JL Reno
Physical review letters 86 (16), 3614, 2001
Spin fine structure of optically excited quantum dot molecules
M Scheibner, MF Doty, IV Ponomarev, AS Bracker, EA Stinaff, VL Korenev, ...
Physical Review B 75 (24), 245318, 2007
Surface roughness and size effects in quantized films
AE Meyerovich, IV Ponomarev
Physical Review B 65 (15), 155413, 2002
Optically mapping the electronic structure of coupled quantum dots
M Scheibner, M Yakes, AS Bracker, IV Ponomarev, MF Doty, CS Hellberg, ...
Nature Physics 4 (4), 291-295, 2008
Surface roughness and effective stick-slip motion
IV Ponomarev, AE Meyerovich
Physical Review E 67 (2), 026302, 2003
Optical spectra of doubly charged quantum dot molecules in electric and magnetic fields
MF Doty, M Scheibner, AS Bracker, IV Ponomarev, TL Reinecke, ...
Physical Review B 78 (11), 115316, 2008
Coherent photonic coupling of semiconductor quantum dots
S Reitzenstein, A Löffler, C Hofmann, A Kubanek, M Kamp, JP Reithmaier, ...
Optics letters 31 (11), 1738-1740, 2006
Photoluminescence spectroscopy of the molecular biexciton in vertically stacked InAs-GaAs quantum dot pairs
M Scheibner, IV Ponomarev, EA Stinaff, MF Doty, AS Bracker, ...
Physical review letters 99 (19), 197402, 2007
Quantum chaos in many-body systems: what can we learn from the Ce atom?
VV Flambaum, AA Gribakina, GF Gribakin, IV Ponomarev
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 131 (1-4), 205-220, 1999
Coherent propagation of interacting particles in a random potential: The mechanism of enhancement
IV Ponomarev, PG Silvestrov
Physical Review B 56 (7), 3742, 1997
Predicting highly cited papers: A method for early detection of candidate breakthroughs
IV Ponomarev, DE Williams, CJ Hackett, JD Schnell, LL Haak
Technological Forecasting and Social Change 81, 49-55, 2014
Exciton spin state mediated photon-photon coupling in a strongly coupled quantum dot microcavity system
S Reitzenstein, S Münch, P Franeck, A Löffler, S Höfling, L Worschech, ...
Physical Review B 82 (12), 121306, 2010
Leaky interface phonons in Al x Ga 1− x As/GaAs structures
IV Ponomarev, AL Efros
Physical Review B 63 (16), 165305, 2001
Self-consistent approach for calculations of exciton binding energy in quantum wells
IV Ponomarev, LI Deych, VA Shuvayev, AA Lisyansky
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 25 (4), 539-553, 2005
Quantum size effect in conductivity of multilayer metal films
AE Meyerovich, IV Ponomarev
Physical Review B 67 (16), 165411, 2003
Breakthrough paper indicator 2.0: can geographical diversity and interdisciplinarity improve the accuracy of outstanding papers prediction?
IV Ponomarev, BK Lawton, DE Williams, JD Schnell
Scientometrics 100 (3), 755-765, 2014
Uniformly fuzzy model of linear regression.
I Ponomarev, V Slavsky
Journal of Mathematical Sciences 186 (3), 2012
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