Elena Tabachnikova
Elena Tabachnikova
B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the NAS of Ukraine
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Fatigue behavior of nanocrystalline metals and alloys
T Hanlon, ED Tabachnikova, S Suresh
International Journal of Fatigue 27 (10-12), 1147-1158, 2005
Shear band melting and serrated flow in metallic glasses
K Georgarakis, M Aljerf, Y Li, A LeMoulec, F Charlot, AR Yavari, ...
Applied Physics Letters 93 (3), 031907, 2008
New features of the low temperature ductile shear failure observed in bulk amorphous alloys
VZ Bengus, ED Tabachnikova, J Miškuf, K Csach, V Ocelik, WL Johnson, ...
Journal of Materials Science 35 (17), 4449-4457, 2000
Temperature effects on deformation and serration behavior of high-entropy alloys (HEAs)
J Antonaglia, X Xie, Z Tang, CW Tsai, JW Qiao, Y Zhang, MO Laktionova, ...
Jom 66 (10), 2002-2008, 2014
Some peculiarities of ductile shear failure of amorphous alloy ribbons
VZ Bengus, ED Tabachnikova, SE Shumilin, YI Golovin, MV Makarov
International journal of rapid solidification 8 (1), 21-31, 1993
The contribution of grain boundary dislocations to the plastic deformation of nanostructured titanium from the SD-effect of the yield stress
ED Tabachnikova, VZ Bengus, VV Stolyarov, GI Raab, RZ Valiev, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 309, 524-527, 2001
Microstructure and mechanical properties of high purity nanostructured titanium processed by high pressure torsion at temperatures 300 and 77 K
AV Podolskiy, C Mangler, E Schafler, ED Tabachnikova, MJ Zehetbauer
Journal of Materials Science 48 (13), 4689-4697, 2013
Low-temperature deformation and fracture of bulk nanostructural titanium obtained by intense plastic deformation using equal channel angular pressing
VZ Bengus, ED Tabachnikova, VD Natsik, Ĭ Mishkuf, K Chakh, ...
Low Temperature Physics 28 (11), 864-874, 2002
Possible local superplasticity of amorphous metallic alloys in the catastrophic shear band under low temperature ductile shear failure
V Bengus, E Tabachnikova, K Csach, J Miskuf, V Ocelik
Scripta materialia 35 (6), 781-784, 1996
Deformation-induced phase transformation of Co20Cr26Fe20Mn20Ni14 high-entropy alloy during high-pressure torsion at 77 K
J Moon, Y Qi, E Tabachnikova, Y Estrin, WM Choi, SH Joo, BJ Lee, ...
Materials Letters 202, 86-88, 2017
Mechanical properties of amorphous alloys ribbons prepared by rapid quenching of the melt after different thermal treatments before quenching
ED Tabachnikova, VZ Bengus, DV Egorov, VS Tsepelev, V Ocelik
Materials Science and Engineering: A 226, 887-890, 1997
Cryogenic equal channel angular pressing of commercially pure titanium: microstructure and properties
AV Podolskiy, HP Ng, IA Psaruk, ED Tabachnikova, R Lapovok
Journal of Materials Science 49 (19), 6803-6812, 2014
Thermal activation plasticity of nanocrystalline Ni–18.75 at.% Fe alloy in temperature range 4.2–350 K
ED Tabachnikova, AV Podolskiy, SN Smirnov, IA Psaruk, VZ Bengus, H Li, ...
Low Temperature Physics 38 (3), 239-247, 2012
Low-temperature plasticity anomaly in the bulk metallic glass
ED Tabachnikova, AV Podol’skiĭ, VZ Bengus, SN Smirnov, DV Luzgin, ...
Low Temperature Physics 34 (8), 675-677, 2008
Microstructure and mechanical properties of high-entropy alloy Co 20 Cr 26 Fe 20 Mn 20 Ni 14 processed by high-pressure torsion at 77 K and 300 K
J Moon, Y Qi, E Tabachnikova, Y Estrin, WM Choi, SH Joo, BJ Lee, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-12, 2018
VM Azhazha, MA Tikhonovskiy, AN Velikodny, NF Andrievskaya, GE Storozhilov, and TM Tikhonovskaya
ED Tabachnikova, AV Podolskiy, VZ Bengus, SN Smirnov, VD Natsik
Low Temperature Physics 34, 969, 2008
Temperature-dependent mechanical behavior of a nanostructured Ni–Fe alloy
H Li, PK Liaw, H Choo, ED Tabachnikova, AV Podolskiy, SN Smirnov, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 493 (1-2), 93-96, 2008
Low temperature features of mechanical properties and failure of different commercial purity nanostructured titanium processed by ECA pressing
ED Tabachnikova, VZ Bengus, AV Podolskiy, SN Smirnov, VD Natsik, ...
Reviews on Advanced Materials Science 10 (3), 229-234, 2005
Failure crack orientation at ductile shear fracture of Fe80−xNixB20 metallic glass ribbons
VZ Bengus, P Diko, K Csach, J Miškuf, V Ocelik, EB Korolkova, ...
Journal of materials science 25 (3), 1598-1602, 1990
Variation of the deformation mechanisms in a nanocrystalline Pd–10 at.% Au alloy at room and cryogenic temperatures
Y Ivanisenko, ED Tabachnikova, IA Psaruk, SN Smirnov, A Kilmametov, ...
International Journal of Plasticity 60, 40-57, 2014
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