Kateryna Davydenko
Kateryna Davydenko
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Global geographic distribution and host range of Dothistroma species: a comprehensive review
R Drenkhan, V Tomešová‐Haataja, S Fraser, RE Bradshaw, P Vahalík, ...
Forest Pathology 46 (5), 408-442, 2016
Fungi in foliage and shoots of Fraxinus excelsior in eastern Ukraine: a first report on Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus
K Davydenko, R Vasaitis, J Stenlid, A Menkis
Forest Pathology 43 (6), 462-467, 2013
Fungi associated with Ips acuminatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Ukraine with a special emphasis on pathogenicity of ophiostomatoid species
K Davydenko, R Vasaitis, A Menkis
Fungi associated with the red-haired bark beetle, Hylurgus ligniperda (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in the forest-steppe zone in eastern Ukraine
K Davydenko, R Vasaitis, V Meshkova, A Menkis
European Journal of Entomology 111 (4), 561, 2014
Disease development of Dothistroma needle blight in seedlings of Pinus sylvestris and Pinus contorta under Nordic conditions
H Millberg, AJM Hopkins, J Boberg, K Davydenko, J Stenlid
Forest pathology 46 (5), 515-521, 2016
Looking for relationships between the populations of Dothistroma septosporum in northern Europe and Asia
K Adamson, MS Mullett, H Solheim, I Barnes, MM Müller, J Hantula, ...
Fungal genetics and biology 110, 15-25, 2018
The current situation concerning severity and causes of ash dieback in Ukraine caused by Hymenoscyphus fraxineus
K Davydenko, V Meshkova
Dieback of European Ash (Fraxinus spp.): Consequences and Guidelines for …, 2017
European ash (Fraxinus excelsior) dieback–situation in Europe and Ukraine
К Davydenko, V Meshkova
Лісове і садово-паркове господарство, 2014
Scolytus multistriatus associated with Dutch elm disease on the island of Gotland: phenology and communities of vectored fungi
A Menkis, IL Östbrant, K Davydenko, R Bakys, M Balalaikins, R Vasaitis
Mycological Progress 15 (6), 55, 2016
Foliage browsing insects outbreaks in Ukraine before and after global warming
V Meshkova, K Davydenko
Biotic risks and climate change in forests (eds.: H. Delb, S. Pontuali …, 2011
Three-year dynamics of common ash defoliation and crown condition in the focus of black sawfly Tomostethus nigritus F.(Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae)
V Meshkova, O Kukina, O Zinchenko, K Davydenko
Baltic Forestry 23 (1), 303-308, 2017
Genomes of Hymenoscyphus fraxineus and Hymenoscyphus albidus encode surprisingly large cell wall degrading potential, balancing saprotrophic and necrotrophic signatures
J Stenlid, M Elfstrand, M Cleary, K Ihrmark, M Karlsson, K Davydenko, ...
Baltic For 23, 41-51, 2017
First record of Neocatenulostroma germanicum on pines in Lithuania and Ukraine and its co‐occurrence with Dothistroma spp. and other pathogens
S Markovskaja, A Kačergius, K Davydenko, S Fraser
Forest Pathology 46 (5), 522-533, 2016
Potential interactions between invasive Fusarium circinatum and other pine pathogens in Europe
M Elvira-Recuenco, SO Cacciola, AV Sanz-Ros, M Garbelotto, J Aguayo, ...
Forests 11 (1), 7, 2020
Can pruning help maintain vitality of ash trees affected by ash dieback in urban landscapes?
D Marciulyniene, K Davydenko, J Stenlid, M Cleary
Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 27, 69-75, 2017
Fraxinus excelsior seed is not a probable introduction pathway for Hymenoscyphus fraxineus
D Marčiulynienė, K Davydenko, J Stenlid, D Shabunin, M Cleary
Forest Pathology 48 (1), e12392, 2018
Dothistroma needle blight on high altitude pine forests in Montenegro
J Lazarević, K Davydenko, H Millberg
Baltic Forestry 23 (1), 294-302, 2017
A Comparative Study of the Pathogenicity of Fusarium circinatum and other Fusarium Species in Polish Provenances of P. sylvestris L.
K Davydenko, JA Nowakowska, T Kaluski, M Gawlak, K Sadowska, ...
Forests 9 (9), 560, 2018
Поширення Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus–збудника всихання ясена у лівобережній Україні
КВ Давиденко, ВЛ Мєшкова, ТЛ Кузнєцова
Лісівництво і агролісомеліорація, 140-145, 2013
Динаміка популяцій рудого соснового пильщика після застосування вірусного препарату на різних фазах спалаху
ВЛ Мєшкова, КВ Давиденко
Лісівництво і агролісомеліорація: зб. наук. праць.–Харків: Вид-во УкрНДІЛГА …, 0
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