Alfonso Rojas-Domínguez
Alfonso Rojas-Domínguez
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Detection of masses in mammograms via statistically based enhancement, multilevel-thresholding segmentation, and region selection
AR Dominguez, AK Nandi
Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 32 (4), 304-315, 2008
Toward breast cancer diagnosis based on automated segmentation of masses in mammograms
AR Domínguez, AK Nandi
Pattern Recognition 42 (6), 1138-1148, 2009
Practical scheme for fast detection and classification of rolling-element bearing faults using support vector machines
A Rojas, AK Nandi
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 20 (7), 1523-1536, 2006
Improved dynamic‐programming‐based algorithms for segmentation of masses in mammograms
AR Domínguez, AK Nandi
Medical Physics 34 (11), 4256-4269, 2007
Optimal hyper-parameter tuning of SVM classifiers with application to medical diagnosis
A Rojas-Domínguez, LC Padierna, JMC Valadez, HJ Puga-Soberanes, ...
Ieee Access 6, 7164-7176, 2017
Development of tolerant features for characterization of masses in mammograms
A Rojas-Domínguez, AK Nandi
Computers in biology and medicine 39 (8), 678-688, 2009
Enhanced multi-level thresholding segmentation and rank based region selection for detection of masses in mammograms
AR Dominguez, AK Nandi
Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 2007. ICASSP 2007. IEEE …, 2007
A Novel Formulation of Orthogonal Polynomial Kernel Functions for SVM Classifiers: the Gegenbauer Family
LC Padierna, M Carpio, A Rojas-Domínguez, H Puga, H Fraire
Pattern Recognition, 2018
Detection and classification of rolling-element bearing faults using support vector machines
A Rojas, AK Nandi
2005 IEEE Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing, 153-158, 2005
Hyper-Parameter Tuning for Support Vector Machines by Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
LC Padierna, M Carpio, A Rojas, H Puga, R Baltazar, H Fraire
Nature-Inspired Design of Hybrid Intelligent Systems 667, 787-800, 2016
Automated classification of archaeological ceramic materials by means of texture measures
I Hein, A Rojas-Domínguez, M Ornelas, G D'Ercole, L Peloschek
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 21, 921-928, 2018
Evolutionary spiking neural networks for solving supervised classification problems
G López-Vázquez, M Ornelas-Rodriguez, A Espinal, JA Soria-Alcaraz, ...
Computational intelligence and neuroscience 2019, 2019
Automated recognition of oil drops in images of multiphase dispersions via gradient direction pattern
AR Domínguez, G Corkidi
2011 4th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing 3, 1209-1213, 2011
Partially-connected artificial neural networks developed by grammatical evolution for pattern recognition problems
O Quiroz-Ramírez, A Espinal, M Ornelas-Rodríguez, A Rojas-Domínguez, ...
Fuzzy Logic Augmentation of Neural and Optimization Algorithms: Theoretical …, 2018
Detection of masses in mammograms using enhanced multilevel-thresholding segmentation and region selection based on rank
AR Domínguez, AK Nandi
Proceedings of the fifth IASTED International Conference: biomedical …, 2007
Automated Banknote Identification Method for the Visually Impaired
AR Domínguez, C Lara-Alvarez, E Bayro
Progress in Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis, Computer Vision, and …, 2014
Visualization of compound drops formation in multiphase processes for the identification of factors influencing bubble and water droplet inclusions in oil drops
G Corkidi, A Rojas, A Pimentel, E Galindo
Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 2012
Evolutionary design of problem-adapted image descriptors for texture classification
V Calzada-Ledesma, HJ Puga-Soberanes, M Ornelas-Rodriguez, ...
IEEE Access 6, 40450-40462, 2018
Comparing threshold-selection methods for image segmentation: application to defect detection in automated visual inspection systems
R López-Leyva, A Rojas-Domínguez, JP Flores-Mendoza, ...
Mexican Conference on Pattern Recognition, 33-43, 2016
Gradient-Direction-Pattern Transform for Automated Measurement of Oil Drops in Images of Multiphase Dispersions
A Rojas-Domínguez, A Holguín-Salas, E Galindo, G Corkidi
Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2014
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