Mariantonietta Fiore
Mariantonietta Fiore
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Tradition and innovation in Italian wine family businesses
D Vrontis, S Bresciani, E Giacosa
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Strengthening regional identities and culture through wine industry cross border collaboration
S Renko, F Contò, D Vrontis, M Fiore, A Thrassou
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M Fiore, R Silvestri, F Contò, G Pellegrini
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Food fraud and consumers’ choices in the wake of the horsemeat scandal
L Agnoli, R Capitello, M De Salvo, A Longo, M Boeri
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Direct selling in the wine sector: lessons from cellars in Italy’s Apulia region
M Fiore
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Reducing food losses: A (dis)-opportunity cost model
M Fiore, F Contò, G Pellegrini
Attitude toward food waste reduction: the case of Italian consumers
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Origin based agro-food products: how to communicate their experiential value online?
L Iaia, A Maizza, M Fait, P Scorrano
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C Gallo, F Conto, M Fiore
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What is the role of social media in several overtones of CSR communication? The case of the wine industry in the Southern Italian regions
A Galati, G Sakka, M Crescimanno, A Tulone, M Fiore
British Food Journal, 2019
GHG and cattle farming: CO-assessing the emissions and economic performances in Italy
F Mariantonietta, S Alessia, C Francesco, P Giustina
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Competitiveness of short sea shipping: The case of olive oil industry
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The role of education, knowledge and human resources for the agricultural development in the perspective of new cap: an hypothesis of change in Basilicata
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Organization and structure of the chain in integrated projects for the food chain in the region of Basilicata: the effects on the new rural dynamics
F Conto, P La Sala, M Fiore
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Impact of information and Food Technology Neophobia in consumers’ acceptance of shelf-life extension in packaged fresh fish fillets
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The metadistrict as the territorial strategy: from set theory and a matrix organization model hypothesis
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International Journal on Food System Dynamics 3 (1012-2016-81188), 82-94, 2012
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