Klavs F.Jensen
Klavs F.Jensen
Chemical Engineering, MIT
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(CdSe) ZnS core− shell quantum dots: synthesis and characterization of a size series of highly luminescent nanocrystallites
BO Dabbousi, J Rodriguez-Viejo, FV Mikulec, JR Heine, H Mattoussi, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 101 (46), 9463-9475, 1997
Cells on chips
J El-Ali, PK Sorger, KF Jensen
Nature 442 (7101), 403-411, 2006
Microreaction engineering—is small better?
KF Jensen
Chemical Engineering Science 56 (2), 293-303, 2001
Multiphase microfluidics: from flow characteristics to chemical and materials synthesis
A Günther, KF Jensen
Lab on a Chip 6 (12), 1487-1503, 2006
Full color emission from II–VI semiconductor quantum dot–polymer composites
J Lee, VC Sundar, JR Heine, MG Bawendi, KF Jensen
Advanced materials 12 (15), 1102-1105, 2000
Deciding whether to go with the flow: evaluating the merits of flow reactors for synthesis
RL Hartman, JP McMullen, KF Jensen
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50 (33), 7502-7519, 2011
Highly luminescent color-selective nano-crystalline materials
M Bawendi, KF Jensen, BO Dabbousi, X Rodriguez-Viejo, FV Mikulec
US Patent 6,322,901, 2001
Synthesis of micro and nanostructures in microfluidic systems
S Marre, KF Jensen
Chemical Society Reviews 39 (3), 1183-1202, 2010
On-demand continuous-flow production of pharmaceuticals in a compact, reconfigurable system
A Adamo, RL Beingessner, M Behnam, J Chen, TF Jamison, KF Jensen, ...
Science 352 (6281), 61-67, 2016
Chemical vapor deposition: principles and applications
ML Hitchman, KF Jensen
Academic Press, 1993
Transport and reaction in microscale segmented gas–liquid flow
A Günther, SA Khan, M Thalmann, F Trachsel, KF Jensen
Lab on a Chip 4 (4), 278-286, 2004
Synthesis of luminescent thin-film CdSe/ZnSe quantum dot composites using CdSe quantum dots passivated with an overlayer of ZnSe
M Danek, KF Jensen, CB Murray, MG Bawendi
Chemistry of Materials 8 (1), 173-180, 1996
End‐to‐end continuous manufacturing of pharmaceuticals: integrated synthesis, purification, and final dosage formation
S Mascia, PL Heider, H Zhang, R Lakerveld, B Benyahia, PI Barton, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (47), 12359-12363, 2013
Micromixing of miscible liquids in segmented gas− liquid flow
A Günther, M Jhunjhunwala, M Thalmann, MA Schmidt, KF Jensen
Langmuir 21 (4), 1547-1555, 2005
Microfabricated multiphase packed-bed reactors: characterization of mass transfer and reactions
MW Losey, MA Schmidt, KF Jensen
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 40 (12), 2555-2562, 2001
Microchemical systems for continuous-flow synthesis
RL Hartman, KF Jensen
Lab on a Chip 9 (17), 2495-2507, 2009
In vitro and ex vivo strategies for intracellular delivery
MP Stewart, A Sharei, X Ding, G Sahay, R Langer, KF Jensen
Nature 538 (7624), 183-192, 2016
Highly luminescent color-selective materials and method of making thereof
M Bawendi, KF Jensen, BO Dabbousi, J Rodriguez-Viejo, FV Mikulec
US Patent 6,207,229, 2001
Microfluidic shear devices for quantitative analysis of cell adhesion
H Lu, LY Koo, WM Wang, DA Lauffenburger, LG Griffith, KF Jensen
Analytical chemistry 76 (18), 5257-5264, 2004
A continuum model of DC and RF discharges
DB Graves, KF Jensen
IEEE Transactions on plasma science 14 (2), 78-91, 1986
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