Verena Seufert
Verena Seufert
Sustainable Use of Natural Resources, University of Hohenheim
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Comparing the yields of organic and conventional agriculture
V Seufert, N Ramankutty, JA Foley
Nature 485 (7397), 229-232, 2012
Many shades of gray—The context-dependent performance of organic agriculture
V Seufert, N Ramankutty
Science advances 3 (3), e1602638, 2017
Urban agriculture: a global analysis of the space constraint to meet urban vegetable demand
F Martellozzo, JS Landry, D Plouffe, V Seufert, P Rowhani, N Ramankutty
Environmental Research Letters 9 (6), 064025, 2014
What is this thing called organic?–How organic farming is codified in regulations
V Seufert, N Ramankutty, T Mayerhofer
Food Policy 68, 10-20, 2017
Land management: data availability and process understanding for global change studies
KH Erb, S Luyssaert, P Meyfroidt, J Pongratz, A Don, S Kloster, ...
Global change biology 23 (2), 512-533, 2017
Sustainability in global agriculture driven by organic farming
F Eyhorn, A Muller, JP Reganold, E Frison, HR Herren, L Luttikholt, ...
Nature Sustainability 2 (4), 253-255, 2019
Evidence that organic farming promotes pest control
L Muneret, M Mitchell, V Seufert, S Aviron, J Pétillon, M Plantegenest, ...
Nature sustainability 1 (7), 361-368, 2018
Make EU trade with Brazil sustainable
L Kehoe, T Reis, M Virah-Sawmy, A Balmford, T Kuemmerle, A Knohl, ...
Science (Washington) 364 (6438), 341-342, 2019
Revealing secondary seed removers: results from camera trapping
V Seufert, B Linden, F Fischer
African Journal of Ecology 48 (4), 914-922, 2010
Organic agriculture as an opportunity for sustainable agricultural development
V Seufert
Research to Practice Policy Briefs, Policy Brief 13, 2012
Bright spots in agricultural landscapes: identifying areas exceeding expectations for multifunctionality and biodiversity
B Frei, D Renard, MGE Mitchell, V Seufert, R Chaplin‐Kramer, ...
Journal of applied ecology 55 (6), 2731-2743, 2018
Changes in crop rotations would impact food production in an organically farmed world
P Barbieri, S Pellerin, V Seufert, T Nesme
Nature Sustainability 2 (5), 378-385, 2019
New training to meet the global phosphorus challenge
K Reitzel, WW Bennett, N Berger, WJ Brownlie, S Bruun, ML Christensen, ...
Environmental science & technology 53 (15), 8479-8481, 2019
Comparing Yields: Organic Versus Conventional Agriculture
V Seufert
Encyclopedia of Food Security and Sustainability 3, 196–208, 2018
Trade‐offs in the performance of alternative farming systems
N Ramankutty, V Ricciardi, Z Mehrabi, V Seufert
Agricultural Economics 50, 97-105, 2019
Current and Potential Contributions of Organic Agriculture to Diversification of the Food Production System
V Seufert, Z Mehrabi, D Gabriel, TG Benton
Agroecosystem Diversity, 435-452, 2019
Positive but variable effects of crop diversification on biodiversity and ecosystem services
D Beillouin, T Ben‐Ari, E Malezieux, V Seufert, D Makowski
Global Change Biology, 2021
The conventional versus alternative agricultural divide: A response to Garibaldi et al
Z Mehrabi, V Seufert, N Ramankutty
Trends in ecology & evolution 32 (10), 720-721, 2017
Global option space for organic agriculture is delimited by nitrogen availability
P Barbieri, S Pellerin, V Seufert, L Smith, N Ramankutty, T Nesme
Nature Food 2 (5), 363-372, 2021
The yield performance of organic agriculture
V Seufert, N Ramankutty, JA Foley
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment in …, 2012
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