Philipp Theuring
Philipp Theuring
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Identification of fluvial sediment sources in the Kharaa River catchment, Northern Mongolia
P Theuring, M Rode, S Behrens, G Kirchner, A Jha
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Suspended sediments in the Kharaa River catchment (Mongolia) and its impact on hyporheic zone functions
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Cause–effect–response chains linking source identification of eroded sediments, loss of aquatic ecosystem integrity and management options in a steppe river catchment (Kharaa …
M Hartwig, M Schäffer, P Theuring, S Avlyush, M Rode, D Borchardt
Environmental Earth Sciences 75 (10), 855, 2016
Integration of Meso-and Macroscale Approaches for Water Resources Mon-itoring and Management in the Baikal-Selenga-Basin
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Environ Earth Sci. doi 10, 2011
Subsurface sources contribute substantially to fine‐grained suspended sediment transported in a tropical W est A frican watershed in B urkina F aso
M Rode, F op de Hipt, AL Collins, Y Zhang, P Theuring, UK Schkade, ...
Land Degradation & Development 29 (11), 4092-4105, 2018
Metadata describing the Kharaa Yeröö river basin water quality database
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Analysis of suspended sediment transport in a mesoscale catchment in northern Mongolia
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Suspended sediments in the Kharaa River, sources and impacts
PC Theuring
Fingerprintinganalyse zur Identifizierung von Sedimentquellen im Oberlauf des Voltagebietes, Burkina Faso (WASCAL)
LPDM Rode, B Diekkrüger, BM Rode, P Theuring, B Finanzierung
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