Wanaporn Tapingkae
Wanaporn Tapingkae
Department of Animal and Aquatic Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Chiang Mai University, THAILAND
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Changes in lipid composition and fatty acid profile of Nham, a Thai fermented pork sausage, during fermentation
W Visessanguan, S Benjakul, S Riebroy, M Yarchai, W Tapingkae
Food Chemistry 94 (4), 580-588, 2006
Degradation of histamine by extremely halophilic archaea isolated from high salt-fermented fishery products
W Tapingkae, S Tanasupawat, KL Parkin, S Benjakul, W Visessanguan
Enzyme and Microbial Technology 46 (2), 92-99, 2010
Combined administration of low molecular weight sodium alginate boosted immunomodulatory, disease resistance and growth enhancing effects of Lactobacillus plantarum in Nile …
H Van Doan, SH Hoseinifar, W Tapingkae, S Tongsiri, P Khamtavee
Fish & shellfish immunology 58, 678-685, 2016
Natrinema gari sp. nov., a halophilic archaeon isolated from fish sauce in Thailand
W Tapingkae, S Tanasupawat, T Itoh, KL Parkin, S Benjakul, ...
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 58 (10 …, 2008
The effects of dietary kefir and low molecular weight sodium alginate on serum immune parameters, resistance against Streptococcus agalactiae and growth performance in Nile …
H Van Doan, SH Hoseinifar, W Tapingkae, P Khamtavee
Fish & shellfish immunology 62, 139-146, 2017
Whole cell immobilisation of Natrinema gari BCC 24369 for histamine degradation
W Tapingkae, KL Parkin, S Tanasupawat, J Kruenate, S Benjakul, ...
Food chemistry 120 (3), 842-849, 2010
Influence of crude xylanase from Aspergillus niger FAS128 on the in vitro digestibility and production performance of piglets
W Tapingkae, M Yachai, W Visessanguan, P Pongtanya, P Pongpiachan
Animal Feed Science and Technology 140 (1-2), 125-138, 2008
Effects of low molecular weight sodium alginate on growth performance, immunity, and disease resistance of tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus
H Van Doan, W Tapingkae, T Moonmanee, A Seepai
Fish & shellfish immunology 55, 186-194, 2016
Effects of Cordyceps militaris spent mushroom substrate on mucosal and serum immune parameters, disease resistance and growth performance of Nile tilapia,(Oreochromis niloticus)
H Van Doan, SH Hoseinifar, W Tapingkae, C Chitmanat, S Mekchay
Fish & shellfish immunology 67, 78-85, 2017
Boosted growth performance, mucosal and serum immunity, and disease resistance Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fingerlings using corncob-derived xylooligosaccharide and …
H Van Doan, SH Hoseinifar, W Tapingkae, M Seel-Audom, S Jaturasitha, ...
Probiotics and antimicrobial proteins 12 (2), 400-411, 2020
Effects of dietary red yeast (Sporidiobolus pararoseus) on production performance and egg quality of laying hens
W Tapingkae, K Panyachai, M Yachai, HV Doan
Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition 102 (1), e337-e344, 2018
Effect of dietary red yeast (Sporidiobolus pararoseus) supplementation on small intestinal histomorphometry of laying hens
W Tapingkae, P Yindee, T Moonmanee
The Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences 26, 909-915, 2016
Alternatives to the use of antibiotics as growth promoters for livestock animals
W Tapingkae
Agri. J 30 (2), 201-212, 2014
Modulation of mucosal parameters, innate immunity, growth and resistance against Streptococcus agalactiae by enrichment of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) diet with Leucas …
A Kurian, H Van Doan, W Tapingkae, P Elumalai
Fish & shellfish immunology 97, 165-172, 2020
Biochemical Characterization and Application of Thermostable-Alkaline Keratinase From Bacillus halodurans SW-X to Valorize Chicken Feather Wastes
T Kaewsalud, K Yakul, K Jantanasakulwong, W Tapingkae, M Watanabe, ...
Waste and Biomass Valorization, 1-14, 2020
Effect of purple glutinous rice bran supplementation on performance, oxidative status and lipid oxidation in broiler
M Punyatong, W Tapingkae, N Pripwai, W Laenoi
Indian Journal of Animal Research 52 (2), 254-259, 2018
Histamine degradation by halophilic archaea
W Tapingkae
Prince of Songkla University, 2008
Investigation on the Double CutOff Phenomenon Observed in Protocatechuic Acid and Its Alkyl Esters under Various CAT-Based Assays
N Phonsatta, C Grajeda-Iglesias, MC Figueroa-Espinoza, B Barea, ...
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 68 (35), 9568-9575, 2020
Replacement of fish meal with suckermouth armored catfish and its effect on performance and intestinal morphology of indigenous Thai chicken.
O Srinual, M Punyatong, T Moonmanee, P Intawicha, M Yachai, ...
JAPS, Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences 30 (4), 803-810, 2020
Microscopy and Microanalysis Research
W Maneepitaksanti, W Tapingkae, T Moonmanee, K Gatphayak
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