Syed Irfan Ahmad Bukhari, PhD
Syed Irfan Ahmad Bukhari, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, MGH, Harvard Medical School, Boston
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Developmental characterization of the microRNA-specific C. elegans Argonautes alg-1 and alg-2
A Vasquez-Rifo, G Jannot, J Armisen, M Labouesse, SIA Bukhari, ...
PLoS One 7 (3), e33750, 2012
Genome-wide CRISPR screen identifies host dependency factors for influenza A virus infection
B Li, SM Clohisey, BS Chia, B Wang, A Cui, T Eisenhaure, LD Schweitzer, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-18, 2020
The microRNA pathway controls germ cell proliferation and differentiation in C. elegans
SIA Bukhari, A Vasquez-Rifo, D Gagné, ER Paquet, M Zetka, C Robert, ...
Cell research 22 (6), 1034-1045, 2012
Implication of BRCA2-26G> A 5'untranslated region polymorphism in susceptibility to sporadic breast cancer and its modulation by p53 codon 72 Arg> Pro polymorphism
S Gochhait, SIA Bukhari, N Bairwa, S Vadhera, K Darvishi, M Raish, ...
Breast Cancer Research 9 (5), 1-8, 2007
The possible role of 10398A and 16189C mtDNA variants in providing susceptibility toT2DM in two North Indian populations: a replicative study
A Bhat, A Koul, S Sharma, E Rai, SIA Bukhari, MK Dhar, RNK Bamezai
Human genetics 120 (6), 821-826, 2007
A specialized mechanism of translation mediated by FXR1a-associated microRNP in cellular quiescence
SIA Bukhari, SS Truesdell, S Lee, S Kollu, A Classon, M Boukhali, E Jain, ...
Molecular cell 61 (5), 760-773, 2016
An Exportin-1–dependent microRNA biogenesis pathway during human cell quiescence
I Martinez, KE Hayes, JA Barr, AD Harold, M Xie, SIA Bukhari, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (25), E4961-E4970, 2017
Upregulation of eIF5B controls cell-cycle arrest and specific developmental stages
VS Lee S, Truesdell SS, Bukhari SI, Lee JH, LeTonqueze O
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2014
A post-transcriptional program of chemoresistance by AU-rich elements and TTP in quiescent leukemic cells
S Lee, D Micalizzi, SS Truesdell, SIA Bukhari, M Boukhali, ...
Genome biology 21 (1), 1-23, 2020
FXR1a-associated microRNP: A driver of specialized non-canonical translation in quiescent conditions
SIA Bukhari, S Vasudevan
RNA biology 14 (2), 137-145, 2017
mRNA Quantitation Using Real Time PCR
S Gochhait, SI Bukhari, RNK Bamezai
Advanced Techniques in Soil Microbiology, 53-72, 2007
Analysis of microRNA-mediated translation Activation of in vitro transcribed reporters in quiescent cells
SIA Bukhari, SS Truesdell, S Vasudevan
Cellular Quiescence, 251-264, 2018
Specialized microRNP and translation mechanisms in quiescent cancer cells
SI Bukhari, SS Truesdell, S Lee, S Kollu, A Classon, M Boukhali, E Jain, ...
Cancer Research 77 (13 Supplement), 4997-4997, 2017
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