Piotr Romaniuk
Piotr Romaniuk
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Emigration preferences and plans among medical students in Poland
K Krajewski-Siuda, A Szromek, P Romaniuk, CA Gericke, A Szpak, ...
Human resources for health 10 (1), 8, 2012
The evolution of the health system outcomes in Central and Eastern Europe and their association with social, economic and political factors: an analysis of 25 years of transition
P Romaniuk, AR Szromek
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The Armenian healthcare system: recent changes and challenges
A Torosyan, P Romaniuk, K Krajewski-Siuda
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Demographic phenomena and demand for health tourism services correlated in Poland
AR Szromek, M Januszewska, P Romaniuk
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The privatization of spa companies in Poland–An evaluation of policy assumptions and implementation
AR Szromek, P Romaniuk, A Hadzik
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Zdrowie publiczne: stan obecny, reformy ostatnich 20 lat, model docelowy
K Krajewski-Siuda, P Romaniuk
Fundacja Instytut Sobieskiego, 2011
Brain drain threat–Polish students are not satisfied with labor market options for health professionals in Poland
K Krajewski-Siuda, P Romaniuk, B Madaj, J Forbes, L Hubicki
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Poland—an “experimental range” for health care system changes. Two reforms: decentralization and centralization and their consequences
K Krajewski-Siuda, P Romaniuk
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Ukrainian health care system and its chances for successful transition from Soviet legacies
P Romaniuk, T Semigina
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Privatisation of Hospitals in Poland-Barriers and Opportunities
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Using new instruments of clustering policy in the Health Care System. The case of Poland
P Romaniuk, T Holecki, J Woźniak-Holecka
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The oncological package: a new source of concern in Poland's health system
T Holecki, P Romaniuk
The Lancet Oncology 16 (3), e104, 2015
The management of spa tourism centres in Poland Structure of boards, and their perception of different types of visitors, with regard to the funding source of treatment
AR Szromek, P Romaniuk
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Political analysis of the conception of the Polish National Health Fund
K Krajewski-Siuda, P Romaniuk, CA Gericke
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Mapping health needs to support health system Management in Poland
T Holecki, P Romaniuk, J Woźniak-Holecka, AR Szromek, ...
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Perspectives for the use of social media in e-pharmamarketing
M Syrkiewicz-Świtała, P Romaniuk, E Ptak
Frontiers in pharmacology 7, 445, 2016
Urgent emergency issue in Poland.
K Krajewski-Siuda, P Romaniuk
European journal of emergency medicine: official journal of the European …, 2006
Wanted: nurses
K Krajewski-Siuda, P Romaniuk
The European Journal of Public Health 16 (4), 447-447, 2006
Pacjent w Internecie: szansa czy zagrożenie? Charakterystyka narzędzi oceny wiarygodności witryn o treści medycznej
I Pomierna, P Romaniuk, K Krajewski-Siuda
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Health Promotion Development in the Spa Treatment
J Wozniak-Holecka, P Romaniuk, T Holecki, A Fraczkiewicz-Wronka, ...
Role of Health Economic Data in Policy Making and Reimbursement of New …, 2017
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