Herbert Egger
Herbert Egger
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Tikhonov regularization applied to the inverse problem of option pricing: convergence analysis and rates
H Egger, HW Engl
Inverse Problems 21 (3), 1027, 2005
A hybrid mixed discontinuous Galerkin finite-element method for convection–diffusion problems
H Egger, J Schöberl
IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis 30 (4), 1206-1234, 2010
Global uniqueness and Hölder stability for recovering a nonlinear source term in a parabolic equation
H Egger, HW Engl, MV Klibanov
Inverse problems 21 (1), 271, 2004
Electrical forces determine glomerular permeability
R Hausmann, C Kuppe, H Egger, F Schweda, V Knecht, M Elger, ...
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 21 (12), 2053-2058, 2010
hp analysis of a hybrid DG method for Stokes flow
H Egger, C Waluga
IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis 33 (2), 687-721, 2013
Preconditioning Landweber iteration in Hilbert scales
H Egger, A Neubauer
Numerische Mathematik 101 (4), 643-662, 2005
Preconditioning Landweber iteration in Hilbert scales
H Egger, A Neubauer
Numerische Mathematik 101 (4), 643-662, 2005
On decoupling of volatility smile and term structure in inverse option pricing
H Egger, T Hein, B Hofmann
Inverse Problems 22 (4), 1247, 2006
A mixed variational framework for the radiative transfer equation
H Egger, M Schlottbom
Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences 22 (03), 1150014, 2012
ParMooN—A modernized program package based on mapped finite elements
U Wilbrandt, C Bartsch, N Ahmed, N Alia, F Anker, L Blank, A Caiazzo, ...
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 74 (1), 74-88, 2017
On structure-preserving model reduction for damped wave propagation in transport networks
H Egger, T Kugler, B Liljegren-Sailer, N Marheineke, V Mehrmann
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 40 (1), A331-A365, 2018
An Lp theory for stationary radiative transfer
H Egger, M Schlottbom
Applicable Analysis 93 (6), 1283-1296, 2014
Nonlinear regularization methods for ill-posed problems with piecewise constant or strongly varying solutions
H Egger, A Leitao
Inverse problems 25 (11), 115014, 2009
The mile high magic pyramid
A Anastasiou, L Borsten, MJ Duff, A Marrani, S Nagy, M Zoccali
Contemp. Math 721, 1, 2019
Analysis and regularization of problems in diffuse optical tomography
H Egger, M Schlottbom
SIAM journal on mathematical analysis 42 (5), 1934-1948, 2010
Energy-corrected finite element methods for corner singularities
H Egger, U Rüde, B Wohlmuth
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 52 (1), 171-193, 2014
A space-time discontinuous Galerkin Trefftz method for time dependent Maxwell's equations
H Egger, F Kretzschmar, SM Schnepp, T Weiland
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 37 (5), B689-B711, 2015
Damped wave systems on networks: exponential stability and uniform approximations
H Egger, T Kugler
Numerische Mathematik 138 (4), 839-867, 2018
Maximizing the storage capacity of gas networks: a global MINLP approach
R Burlacu, H Egger, M Groß, A Martin, ME Pfetsch, L Schewe, M Sirvent, ...
Optimization and Engineering 20 (2), 543-573, 2019
On forward and inverse models in fluorescence diffuse optical tomography
H Egger, M Freiberger, M Schlottbom
Inverse Problems & Imaging 4 (3), 411, 2010
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