Stefan Süß
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The value of satellite-based active fire data for monitoring, reporting and verification of REDD+ in the Lao PDR
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Import vector machines for quantitative analysis of hyperspectral data
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Mapping beta diversity from space: Sparse Generalised Dissimilarity Modelling (SGDM) for analysing high‐dimensional data
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Characterizing 32 years of shrub cover dynamics in southern Portugal using annual Landsat composites and machine learning regression modeling
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imageSVM Regression
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Manual for Application: imageSVM Version 3, 2010
ImageSVM Classification, Manual for Application: ImageSVM
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Version, 2010
Can the MODIS active fire hotspots be used to monitor vegetation fires in the Lao PDR
D Müller, S Suess
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Mapping Spatial and Temporal Transitions in Shrublands with Cover Fractions from Space
S Süß
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 2019
Hyperspectral satellite data for modelling spatial beta diversity patterns of birds along an environmental gradient
PJ Leitao, S Suess, M Schwieder, EJ Milton, S van der Linden, P Hostert
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