Birgit Kleinschmit
Birgit Kleinschmit
Chair of Geoinformation in Environmental Planning at Technische Universtität Berlin
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Testing the red edge channel for improving land-use classifications based on high-resolution multi-spectral satellite data
C Schuster, M Förster, B Kleinschmit
International Journal of Remote Sensing 33 (17), 5583-5599, 2012
Heat waves and urban heat islands in Europe: A review of relevant drivers
K Ward, S Lauf, B Kleinschmit, W Endlicher
Science of the Total Environment 569, 527-539, 2016
Grassland habitat mapping by intra-annual time series analysis–Comparison of RapidEye and TerraSAR-X satellite data
C Schuster, T Schmidt, C Conrad, B Kleinschmit, M Förster
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Uncovering land-use dynamics driven by human decision-making–A combined model approach using cellular automata and system dynamics
S Lauf, D Haase, P Hostert, T Lakes, B Kleinschmit
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Uncertainty in ecosystem mapping by remote sensing
D Rocchini, GM Foody, H Nagendra, C Ricotta, M Anand, KS He, V Amici, ...
Computers & Geosciences 50, 128-135, 2013
Estimation of the seasonal leaf area index in an alluvial forest using high-resolution satellite-based vegetation indices
A Tillack, A Clasen, B Kleinschmit, M Förster
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Land use patterns, temperature distribution, and potential heat stress risk–the case study Berlin, Germany
PA Dugord, S Lauf, C Schuster, B Kleinschmit
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 48, 86-98, 2014
Linkages between ecosystem services provisioning, urban growth and shrinkage–A modeling approach assessing ecosystem service trade-offs
S Lauf, D Haase, B Kleinschmit
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Potential of remote sensing to predict species invasions: A modelling perspective
D Rocchini, V Andreo, M Förster, CX Garzon-Lopez, AP Gutierrez, ...
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Automated spatiotemporal landslide mapping over large areas using rapideye time series data
R Behling, S Roessner, H Kaufmann, B Kleinschmit
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Approaches to utilising QuickBird data for the monitoring of NATURA 2000 habitats
M Förster, A Frick, H Walentowski, B Kleinschmit
Community Ecology 9 (2), 155-168, 2008
Carbon stocks of soil and vegetation on Danubian floodplains
A Cierjacks, B Kleinschmit, M Babinsky, F Kleinschroth, A Markert, ...
Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 173 (5), 644-653, 2010
Derivation of long-term spatiotemporal landslide activity—A multi-sensor time series approach
R Behling, S Roessner, D Golovko, B Kleinschmit
Remote Sensing of Environment 186, 88-104, 2016
Towards detecting swath events in TerraSAR-X time series to establish NATURA 2000 grassland habitat swath management as monitoring parameter
C Schuster, I Ali, P Lohmann, A Frick, M Förster, B Kleinschmit
Remote Sensing 3 (7), 1308-1322, 2011
Sustainable management of river oases along the Tarim River (SuMaRiO) in Northwest China under conditions of climate change
C Rumbaur, N Thevs, M Disse, M Ahlheim, A Brieden, B Cyffka, ...
Earth System Dynamics 6 (1), 83-107, 2015
Urban climate change mitigation in Europe: looking at and beyond the role of population density
AH Baur, M Thess, B Kleinschmit, F Creutzig
Journal of Urban Planning and Development 140 (1), 04013003, 2014
Organic matter distribution in floodplains can be predicted using spatial and vegetation structure data
A Cierjacks, B Kleinschmit, I Kowarik, M Graf, F Lang
River research and applications 27 (8), 1048-1057, 2011
The effects of growth, shrinkage, population aging and preference shifts on urban development—A spatial scenario analysis of Berlin, Germany
S Lauf, D Haase, B Kleinschmit
Land Use Policy 52, 240-254, 2016
Robust automated image co-registration of optical multi-sensor time series data: Database generation for multi-temporal landslide detection
R Behling, S Roessner, K Segl, B Kleinschmit, H Kaufmann
Remote Sensing 6 (3), 2572-2600, 2014
Object based change detection of Central Asian Tugai vegetation with very high spatial resolution satellite imagery
P Gärtner, M Förster, A Kurban, B Kleinschmit
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 31 …, 2014
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