Alessio Bosio
Alessio Bosio
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Recent progress on CdTe/CdS thin film solar cells
N Romeo, A Bosio, V Canevari, A Podesta
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A highly efficient and stable CdTe/CdS thin film solar cell
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N Romeo, A Bosio, R Tedeschi, V Canevari
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M Terheggen, H Heinrich, G Kostorz, A Romeo, D Baetzner, AN Tiwari, ...
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Effect of CdCl2 activation on the impurity distribution in CdTe/CdS solar cell structures
M Emziane, K Durose, N Romeo, A Bosio, DP Halliday
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S Mazzamuto, L Vaillant, A Bosio, N Romeo, N Armani, G Salviati
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A Podesta, N Armani, G Salviati, N Romeo, A Bosio, M Prato
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Past, present and future of the thin film CdTe/CdS solar cells
A Bosio, G Rosa, N Romeo
Solar Energy 175, 31-43, 2018
Why CuInGaSe2 and CdTe polycrystalline thin film solar cells are more efficient than the corresponding single crystal?
A Bosio, N Romeo, A Podesta, S Mazzamuto, V Canevari
Crystal Research and Technology: Journal of Experimental and Industrial …, 2005
Comparison of different conducting oxides as substrates for CdS/CdTe thin film solar cells
N Romeo, A Bosio, V Canevari, M Terheggen, LV Roca
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A Rios-Flores, JL Pena, V Castro-Pena, O Ares, R Castro-Rodríguez, ...
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The second‐generation of CdTe and CuInGaSe2 thin film PV modules
A Bosio, A Romeo, D Menossi, S Mazzamuto, N Romeo
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Study of CSS-and HVE-CdTe by different recrystallization processes
A Romeo, S Buecheler, M Giarola, G Mariotto, AN Tiwari, N Romeo, ...
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Process for large-scale production of CdTe/CdS thin film solar cells
N Romeo, A Bosio, A Romeo
US Patent 7,211,462, 2007
Development of low temperature approaches to device quality CdS: A modified geometry for solution growth of thin films and their characterisation
MD Archbold, DP Halliday, K Durose, TPA Hase, DS Boyle, S Mazzamuto, ...
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The distribution of impurities in the interfaces and window layers of thin-film solar cells
M Emziane, K Durose, DP Halliday, N Romeo, A Bosio
Journal of applied physics 97 (11), 114910, 2005
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