Steven Novak
Steven Novak
SUNY Polytechnic Institute
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Structural and electrical properties of trimethylboron-doped silicon nanowires
KK Lew, L Pan, TE Bogart, SM Dilts, EC Dickey, JM Redwing, Y Wang, ...
Applied Physics Letters 85 (15), 3101-3103, 2004
Use of phosphine as an n-type dopant source for vapor− liquid− solid growth of silicon nanowires
Y Wang, KK Lew, TT Ho, L Pan, SW Novak, EC Dickey, JM Redwing, ...
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Energy band bowing parameter in alloys
F Yun, MA Reshchikov, L He, T King, H Morkoç, SW Novak, L Wei
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Characterization of silicon oxynitride thin films by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
JR Shallenberger, DA Cole, SW Novak
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 17 (4 …, 1999
An improved approach to accurately model shallow B and BF 2 implants in silicon
AF Tasch, H Shin, C Park, J Alvis, S Novak
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 136 (3), 810, 1989
thickness determination by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Auger electron spectroscopy, secondary ion mass spectrometry, Rutherford backscattering …
DA Cole, JR Shallenberger, SW Novak, RL Moore, MJ Edgell, SP Smith, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 2000
Beryllium diffusion of ruby and sapphire
JL Emmett, K Scarratt, SF McClure, T Moses, TR Douthit, R Hughes, ...
Gems & Gemology 39 (2), 84-135, 2003
Rise and fall of a basalt-trachyte-rhyolite magma system at the Kane Springs Wash Caldera, Nevada
SW Novak, GA Mahood
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Properties of proton exchange waveguides in lithium tantalate
PJ Matthews, AR Mickelson, SW Novak
Journal of applied physics 72 (7), 2562-2574, 1992
Systematics of secondary‐ion‐mass spectrometry relative sensitivity factors versus electron affinity and ionization potential for a variety of matrices determined from …
RG Wilson, SW Novak
Journal of Applied Physics 69 (1), 466-474, 1991
Eruptive history of the rhyolitic Kane Springs Wash volcanic center, Nevada
SW Novak
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 89 (B10), 8603-8615, 1984
Secondary ion mass spectrometry depth profiling of proton‐exchanged LiNbO3 waveguides
RG Wilson, SW Novak, JM Zavada, A Loni, RM De La Rue
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Obsidian hydration dating by infrared spectroscopy: method and calibration
CM Stevenson, SW Novak
Journal of Archaeological Science 38 (7), 1716-1726, 2011
Thermal stability of gold nanorods for high-temperature plasmonic sensing
NA Joy, BK Janiszewski, S Novak, TW Johnson, SH Oh, A Raghunathan, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (22), 11718-11724, 2013
Deep infiltration of emissive polymers into mesoporous silicon microcavities: nanoscale confinement and advanced vapor sensing
NA Tokranova, SW Novak, J Castracane, IA Levitsky
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (44), 22667-22676, 2013
High precision measurement of obsidian hydration layers on artifacts from the Hopewell site using secondary ion mass spectrometry
CM Stevenson, I Abdelrehim, SW Novak
American Antiquity, 555-567, 2004
Growth of heavy carbon‐doped GaInAs lattice matched to InP by chemical beam epitaxy
CJ Palmstro/m, BP Van der Gaag, JI Song, WP Hong, SA Schwarz, ...
Applied physics letters 64 (23), 3139-3141, 1994
Infra-red photoacoustic and secondary ion mass spectrometry measurements of obsidian hydration rims
CM Stevenson, IM Abdelrehim, SW Novak
Journal of Archaeological Science 28 (1), 109-115, 2001
Cu penetration into low- dielectric during deposition and bias-temperature stress
M He, S Novak, L Vanamurthy, H Bakhru, J Plawsky, TM Lu
Applied Physics Letters 97 (25), 252901, 2010
Correlation of substitutional hydrogen to refractive index profiles in annealed proton‐exchanged Z‐ and X‐cut LiNbO3
JM Zavada, HC Casey Jr, RJ States, SW Novak, A Loni
Journal of applied physics 77 (6), 2697-2708, 1995
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