Eklas Hossain, PhD PE CEM REP SMIEEE
Eklas Hossain, PhD PE CEM REP SMIEEE
Associate Professor, Oregon Tech
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A comprehensive study of key electric vehicle (EV) components, technologies, challenges, impacts, and future direction of development
F Un-Noor, S Padmanaban, L Mihet-Popa, MN Mollah, E Hossain
Energies 10 (8), 1217, 2017
Microgrid testbeds around the world: State of art
E Hossain, E Kabalci, R Bayindir, R Perez
Energy Conversion and Management 86, 132-153, 2014
A comprehensive study on microgrid technology
R Bayindir, E Hossain, E Kabalci, R Perez
International Journal of Renewable Energy Research (IJRER) 4 (4), 1094-1107, 2014
Application of big data and machine learning in smart grid, and associated security concerns: A review
E Hossain, I Khan, F Un-Noor, SS Sikander, MSH Sunny
Ieee Access 7, 13960-13988, 2019
Analysis and mitigation of power quality issues in distributed generation systems using custom power devices
E Hossain, MR Tür, S Padmanaban, S Ay, I Khan
Ieee Access 6, 16816-16833, 2018
A novel modified sine-cosine optimized MPPT algorithm for grid integrated PV system under real operating conditions
S Padmanaban, N Priyadarshi, JB Holm-Nielsen, MS Bhaskar, F Azam, ...
Ieee Access 7, 10467-10477, 2019
A comprehensive review on second-life batteries: Current state, manufacturing considerations, applications, impacts, barriers & potential solutions, business strategies, and …
E Hossain, D Murtaugh, J Mody, HMR Faruque, MSH Sunny, ...
Ieee Access 7, 73215-73252, 2019
A hybrid photovoltaic-fuel cell for grid integration with Jaya-based maximum power point tracking: Experimental performance evaluation
S Padmanaban, N Priyadarshi, MS Bhaskar, JB Holm-Nielsen, E Hossain, ...
IEEE Access 7, 82978-82990, 2019
Diabetes prediction using ensembling of different machine learning classifiers
MK Hasan, MA Alam, D Das, E Hossain, M Hasan
IEEE Access 8, 76516-76531, 2020
A novel smart healthcare design, simulation, and implementation using healthcare 4.0 processes
A Kumar, R Krishnamurthi, A Nayyar, K Sharma, V Grover, E Hossain
IEEE Access 8, 118433-118471, 2020
Design and hardware implementation considerations of modified multilevel cascaded H-bridge inverter for photovoltaic system
S Shuvo, E Hossain, T Islam, A Akib, S Padmanaban, MZR Khan
Ieee Access 7, 16504-16524, 2019
Density based smart traffic control system using canny edge detection algorithm for congregating traffic information
T Tahmid, E Hossain
2017 3rd International Conference on Electrical Information and …, 2017
A comprehensive review on constant power loads compensation techniques
E Hossain, R Perez, A Nasiri, S Padmanaban
IEEE access 6, 33285-33305, 2018
A hybrid ANFIS-ABC based MPPT controller for PV system with anti-islanding grid protection: Experimental realization
S Padmanaban, N Priyadarshi, MS Bhaskar, JB Holm-Nielsen, ...
IEEE Access 7, 103377-103389, 2019
Hybrid microgrid testbed involving wind/solar/fuel cell plants: A desing and analysis testbed
E Kabalci, R Bayindir, E Hossain
2014 International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Application …, 2014
Implementation of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems to Compensate Microgrid Instability in the Presence of Constant Power Loads
RB Eklas Hossain, Ron Perez
International Journal of Renewable Energy Research-IJRER 7 (2), 738-750, 2017
Survey of smart grid concepts and technological demonstrations worldwide emphasizing on the Oman perspective
AH Al-Badi, R Ahshan, N Hosseinzadeh, R Ghorbani, E Hossain
Applied System Innovation 3 (1), 5, 2020
Size optimization and sensitivity analysis of hybrid wind/PV micro-grids-a case study for Bangladesh
M Nurunnabi, NK Roy, E Hossain, HR Pota
IEEE Access 7, 150120-150140, 2019
Efficiency improvement of solar cell using compound parabolic concentrator and sun tracking system
E Hossain, R Muhida, A Ali
2008 IEEE Canada Electric Power Conference, 1-8, 2008
Investigation on North American microgrid facility
R Bayindir, E Hossain, E Kabalci, KMM Billah
International Journal of Renewable Energy Research (IJRER) 5 (2), 558-574, 2015
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