Eklas Hossain, PhD PE CEM REP SMIEEE
Eklas Hossain, PhD PE CEM REP SMIEEE
Associate Professor, Oregon Tech
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Microgrid testbeds around the world: State of art
E Hossain, E Kabalci, R Bayindir, R Perez
Energy Conversion and Management 86, 132-153, 2014
A comprehensive study of key electric vehicle (EV) components, technologies, challenges, impacts, and future direction of development
F Un-Noor, S Padmanaban, L Mihet-Popa, MN Mollah, E Hossain
Energies 10 (8), 1217, 2017
A comprehensive study on microgrid technology
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Analysis and mitigation of power quality issues in distributed generation systems using custom power devices
E Hossain, MR Tür, S Padmanaban, S Ay, I Khan
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Application of big data and machine learning in smart grid, and associated security concerns: A review
E Hossain, I Khan, F Un-Noor, SS Sikander, MSH Sunny
IEEE Access 7, 13960-13988, 2019
A novel modified sine-cosine optimized MPPT algorithm for grid integrated PV system under real operating conditions
S Padmanaban, N Priyadarshi, JB Holm-Nielsen, MS Bhaskar, F Azam, ...
Ieee Access 7, 10467-10477, 2019
Implementation of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems to Compensate Microgrid Instability in the Presence of Constant Power Loads
RB Eklas Hossain, Ron Perez
International Journal of Renewable Energy Research-IJRER 7 (2), 738-750, 2017
Hybrid microgrid testbed involving wind/solar/fuel cell plants: A desing and analysis testbed
E Kabalci, R Bayindir, E Hossain
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Efficiency improvement of solar cell using compound parabolic concentrator and sun tracking system
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Investigation on North American microgrid facility
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A comprehensive review on second-life batteries: current state, manufacturing considerations, applications, impacts, barriers & potential solutions, business strategies, and …
E Hossain, D Murtaugh, J Mody, HMR Faruque, MSH Sunny, ...
IEEE Access 7, 73215-73252, 2019
Density based smart traffic control system using canny edge detection algorithm for congregating traffic information
T Tahmid, E Hossain
2017 3rd International Conference on Electrical Information and …, 2017
Modelling and simulation of Solar plant and storage system: A step to micro-grid technology
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Microgrid facility at European union
R Bayindir, E Bekiroglu, E Hossain, E Kabalci
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Investigation on the development of a sliding mode controller for constant power loads in microgrids
E Hossain, R Perez, S Padmanaban, P Siano
Energies 10 (8), 1086, 2017
A comprehensive review on constant power loads compensation techniques
E Hossain, R Perez, A Nasiri, S Padmanaban
Ieee Access 6, 33285-33305, 2018
Design a novel controller for stability analysis of microgrid by managing controllable load using load shaving and load shifting techniques; and optimizing cost analysis for …
E Hossain, MZ Xahin, KR Islam, MDQ Akash
International Journal of Renewable Energy Research 6 (3), 772-786, 2016
Microgrid test-bed design with renewable energy sources
E Kabalci, E Hossain, R Bayindir
2014 16th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference and …, 2014
Modeling low voltage power line as a data communication channel
E Hossain, S Khan, A Ali
World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 45, 148-152, 2008
A hybrid ANFIS-ABC based MPPT controller for PV system with anti-islanding grid protection: Experimental realization
S Padmanaban, N Priyadarshi, MS Bhaskar, JB Holm-Nielsen, ...
Ieee Access 7, 103377-103389, 2019
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