Konstantin Belikov
Konstantin Belikov
SSI "Institute for Single Crystals" NASU, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv State University
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Recent trends of ceramic humidity sensors development: A review
TA Blank, LP Eksperiandova, KN Belikov
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 228, 416-442, 2016
Structure and scintillation yield of Ce-doped Al–Ga substituted yttrium garnet
O Sidletskiy, V Kononets, K Lebbou, S Neicheva, O Voloshina, V Bondar, ...
Materials Research Bulletin 47 (11), 3249-3252, 2012
Structure–Property Correlations in a Ce-Doped (Lu,Gd)2SiO5:Ce Scintillator
O Sidletskiy, A Belsky, A Gektin, S Neicheva, D Kurtsev, V Kononets, ...
Crystal growth & design 12 (9), 4411-4416, 2012
Optimization of measurement conditions of an energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer with high-energy polarized beam excitation for analysis of aerosol filters
Z Spolnik, K Belikov, K Van Meel, E Adriaenssens, F De Roeck, ...
Applied spectroscopy 59 (12), 1465-1469, 2005
Once again about determination and detection limits
LP Eksperiandova, KN Belikov, SV Khimchenko, TA Blank
Journal of Analytical Chemistry 65 (3), 223-228, 2010
Impact of Lu/Gd ratio and activator concentration on structure and scintillation properties of LGSO: Ce crystals
O Sidletskiy, V Bondar, B Grinyov, D Kurtsev, V Baumer, K Belikov, ...
Journal of crystal growth 312 (4), 601-606, 2010
Influence of different types of heating systems on particulate air pollutant deposition: The case of churches situated in a cold climate
Z Spolnik, A Worobiec, L Samek, L Bencs, K Belikov, R Van Grieken
Journal of Cultural Heritage 8 (1), 7-12, 2007
Luminescence spectroscopy of scintillating glasses doped with Tb3+/Ce3+ with different concentrations of cerium under photo-and electron excitation
D Valiev, E Polisadova, S Stepanov, K Belikov, N Yegorova, H Othman, ...
Journal of luminescence 162, 128-133, 2015
X-ray fluorescence determination of mobile forms of Cu, Zn and Co in soils with preconcentration on silica gel modified by didecylaminoethyl-β-tridecylammonium iodide
KN Belikov, AB Blank, NI Shevtsov, OY Nadzhafova, MM Tananaiko
Analytica chimica acta 383 (3), 277-281, 1999
Effect of anions and medium pH on the formation of ZnS micro-and nanoparticles from thiourea solutions
DS Sofronov, NN Kamneva, AV Bulgakova, PV Mateychenko, VN Baumer, ...
J. Biol. Phys. Chem 13 (3), 85, 2013
Growth of LGSO: Ce crystals by the Czochralski method
OT Sidletskiy, VG Bondar, BV Grynyov, DA Kurtsev, VN Baumer, ...
Crystallography Reports 54 (7), 1256, 2009
Spectroscopic investigations of phosphate-borate-fluoride glass doped with Tb3+/Eu3+
D Valiev, K Belikov
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 457, 31-35, 2017
Formation of ZnS nano-and microparticles from thiourea solutions
DS Sofronov, EM Sofronova, VN Baumer, KA Kudin, PV Mateichenko, ...
Advanced Powder Technology 24 (6), 1017-1022, 2013
Effect of the structure of calix[4]arenes, containing phosphine oxide and phosphoryl groups and impregnated on silica gel, on the efficiency of Eu3+ extraction from …
MS Lukashova, KN Belikov, KY Bryleva, AV Verbytska, VI Kal’chenko
Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry 49 (3), 199-203, 2013
Yellow laser potential of cubic Ca3 (Nb, Ga) 5O12: Dy3+ and Ca3 (Li, Nb, Ga) 5O12: Dy3+ single crystals
C Gheorghe, S Hau, L Gheorghe, F Voicu, M Greculeasa, M Enculescu, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 739, 806-816, 2018
Growth of Ce-doped LGSO fiber-shaped crystals by the micro pulling down technique
V Kononets, O Benamara, G Patton, C Dujardin, S Gridin, A Belsky, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 412, 95-102, 2015
Scintillation lithium-phosphate-borate glasses doped by REI
EF Polisadova, DT Valiev, KN Belikov, NL Egorova
Glass Physics and Chemistry 41 (1), 98-103, 2015
Eshche raz o predelakh obnaruzheniya i opredeleniya
LP Eksperiandova, KN Belikov, SV Khimchenko, TA Blank
Zh. Analit. Khimii 65 (3), 229-234, 2010
Synthesis and optical properties of phosphate-borate-fluoride glasses doped with rare earth elements
KN Belikov, NN Grebenyuk, YV Grishina, NL Yegorova, YA Povrozin, ...
Functional materials, 2010
Structure and thermal expansion of Ca9Gd (VO4) 7: A combined powder-diffraction and dilatometric study of a Czochralski-grown crystal
W Paszkowicz, A Shekhovtsov, M Kosmyna, P Loiko, E Vilejshikova, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2017
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