Kerstin A. Nagel
Kerstin A. Nagel
JPPC - Jülich Plant Phenotyping Centre, Forschungszentrum Jülich
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Simultaneous phenotyping of leaf growth and chlorophyll fluorescence via GROWSCREEN FLUORO allows detection of stress tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana and other rosette plants
M Jansen, F Gilmer, B Biskup, KA Nagel, U Rascher, A Fischbach, ...
Functional Plant Biology 36 (11), 902-914, 2009
GROWSCREEN-Rhizo is a novel phenotyping robot enabling simultaneous measurements of root and shoot growth for plants grown in soil-filled rhizotrons
KA Nagel, A Putz, F Gilmer, K Heinz, A Fischbach, J Pfeifer, M Faget, ...
Functional Plant Biology 39 (11), 891-904, 2012
Temperature responses of roots: impact on growth, root system architecture and implications for phenotyping
KA Nagel, B Kastenholz, S Jahnke, D van Dusschoten, T Aach, M Mühlich, ...
Functional Plant Biology 36 (11), 947-959, 2009
Dynamics of seedling growth acclimation towards altered light conditions can be quantified via GROWSCREEN: a setup and procedure designed for rapid optical phenotyping of …
A Walter, H Scharr, F Gilmer, R Zierer, KA Nagel, M Ernst, A Wiese, ...
New Phytologist 174 (2), 447-455, 2007
Non-invasive approaches for phenotyping of enhanced performance traits in bean
U Rascher, S Blossfeld, F Fiorani, S Jahnke, M Jansen, AJ Kuhn, ...
Functional Plant Biology 38 (12), 968-983, 2011
Recovery dynamics of growth, photosynthesis and carbohydrate accumulation after de-submergence: a comparison between two wetland plants showing escape and quiescence strategies
FL Luo, KA Nagel, H Scharr, B Zeng, U Schurr, S Matsubara
Annals of Botany 107 (1), 49-63, 2011
Dynamics of root growth stimulation in Nicotiana tabacum in increasing light intensity
KA Nagel, U Schurr, A Walter
Plant, Cell & Environment 29 (10), 1936-1945, 2006
Screening for drought tolerance of maize hybrids by multi-scale analysis of root and shoot traits at the seedling stage
V Avramova, KA Nagel, H AbdElgawad, D Bustos, M DuPlessis, F Fiorani, ...
Journal of experimental botany 67 (8), 2453-2466, 2016
Root–root interactions: extending our perspective to be more inclusive of the range of theories in ecology and agriculture using in-vivo analyses
M Faget, KA Nagel, A Walter, JM Herrera, S Jahnke, U Schurr, ...
Annals of botany 112 (2), 253-266, 2013
Spatio‐temporal quantification of differential growth processes in root growth zones based on a novel combination of image sequence processing and refined concepts describing …
A Chavarría‐Krauser, KA Nagel, K Palme, U Schurr, A Walter, H Scharr
New Phytologist 177 (3), 811-821, 2008
Crop improvement from phenotyping roots: Highlights reveal expanding opportunities
SR Tracy, KA Nagel, JA Postma, H Fassbender, A Wasson, M Watt
Trends in plant science 25 (1), 105-118, 2020
Photosynthetic acclimation is important for post-submergence recovery of photosynthesis and growth in two riparian species
FL Luo, KA Nagel, B Zeng, U Schurr, S Matsubara
Annals of Botany 104 (7), 1435-1444, 2009
Impact of domestication on the phenotypic architecture of durum wheat under contrasting nitrogen fertilization
T Gioia, KA Nagel, R Beleggia, M Fragasso, DBM Ficco, R Pieruschka, ...
Journal of experimental botany 66 (18), 5519-5530, 2015
Sowing density: a neglected factor fundamentally affecting root distribution and biomass allocation of field grown spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
VL Hecht, VM Temperton, KA Nagel, U Rascher, JA Postma
Frontiers in plant science 7, 944, 2016
Plant root tortuosity: an indicator of root path formation in soil with different composition and density
L Popova, D van Dusschoten, KA Nagel, F Fiorani, B Mazzolai
Annals of botany 118 (4), 685-698, 2016
Cooperative action of the paralogous maize lateral organ boundaries (LOB) domain proteins RTCS and RTCL in shoot‐borne root formation
C Xu, H Tai, M Saleem, Y Ludwig, C Majer, KW Berendzen, KA Nagel, ...
New Phytologist 207 (4), 1123-1133, 2015
Spring barley shows dynamic compensatory root and shoot growth responses when exposed to localised soil compaction and fertilisation
J Pfeifer, M Faget, A Walter, S Blossfeld, F Fiorani, U Schurr, KA Nagel
Functional Plant Biology 41 (6), 581-597, 2014
Repression of early lateral root initiation events by transient water deficit in barley and maize
A Babé, T Lavigne, JP Séverin, KA Nagel, A Walter, F Chaumont, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 367 …, 2012
Root architecture simulation improves the inference from seedling root phenotyping towards mature root systems
J Zhao, G Bodner, B Rewald, D Leitner, KA Nagel, A Nakhforoosh
Journal of Experimental Botany 68 (5), 965-982, 2017
GrowScreen-PaGe, a non-invasive, high-throughput phenotyping system based on germination paper to quantify crop phenotypic diversity and plasticity of root traits under varying …
T Gioia, A Galinski, H Lenz, C Müller, J Lentz, K Heinz, C Briese, A Putz, ...
Functional Plant Biology 44 (1), 76-93, 2017
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