Peter Tanner
Peter Tanner
The Education University of Hong Kong; The Hong Kong Baptist University
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Some misconceptions concerning the electronic spectra of tri-positive europium and cerium
PA Tanner
Chemical Society Reviews 42 (12), 5090-5101, 2013
Advanced red phosphors for white light-emitting diodes
J Li, J Yan, D Wen, WU Khan, J Shi, M Wu, Q Su, PA Tanner
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (37), 8611-8623, 2016
Site Occupancy Preference, Enhancement Mechanism, and Thermal Resistance of Mn4+ Red Luminescence in Sr4Al14O25: Mn4+ for Warm WLEDs
M Peng, X Yin, PA Tanner, MG Brik, P Li
Chemistry of materials 27 (8), 2938-2945, 2015
Upconversion for white light generation by a single compound
J Wang, PA Tanner
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Spectrophotometric determination of hydrogen peroxide in rainwater
PA Tanner, AYS Wong
Analytica Chimica Acta 370 (2-3), 279-287, 1998
Orderly‐Layered Tetravalent Manganese‐Doped Strontium Aluminate Sr4Al14O25:Mn4+: An Efficient Red Phosphor for Warm White Light Emitting Diodes
M Peng, X Yin, PA Tanner, C Liang, P Li, Q Zhang, J Qiu
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Fingerprinting metals in urban street dust of Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong
PA Tanner, HL Ma, PKN Yu
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Preparation and luminescence properties of sol-gel hybrid materials incorporated with europium complexes
PA Tanner, B Yan, H Zhang
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Analysis of spectral data and comparative energy level parametrizations for Ln3+ in cubic elpasolite crystals
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Contamination of heavy metals in marine sediment cores from Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
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Photocatalytic degradation of methylparathion—an endocrine disruptor by Bi3+-doped TiO2
S Rengaraj, XZ Li, PA Tanner, ZF Pan, GKH Pang
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Comparison of methods for determination of organic carbon in marine sediment
LS Leong, PA Tanner
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PA Tanner, L Fu, L Ning, BM Cheng, MG Brik
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PA Tanner, CSK Mak, NM Edelstein, KM Murdoch, G Liu, J Huang, L Seijo, ...
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Visible Upconversion Luminescence from Y2O3:Eu3+,Yb3+
H Wang, C Duan, PA Tanner
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What use are crystal field parameters? A chemist’s viewpoint
CK Duan, PA Tanner
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Luminescent lanthanide complexes: selection rules and design
PA Tanner, CK Duan
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 254 (23-24), 3026-3029, 2010
Synthesis and spectroscopy of lanthanide ion-doped Y2O3
PA Tanner, KL Wong
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Functionalized europium nanorods for in vitro imaging
KL Wong, GL Law, MB Murphy, PA Tanner, WT Wong, PKS Lam, ...
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Eu3+ Spectroscopy: A Structural Probe for Yttrium Orthoborate Phosphors
G Jia, PA Tanner, CK Duan, J Dexpert-Ghys
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (6), 2769-2775, 2010
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