Kathryn Chadman
Kathryn Chadman
Research Scientist, NYS Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities
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Minimal aberrant behavioral phenotypes of neuroligin‐3 R451C knockin mice
KK Chadman, S Gong, ML Scattoni, SE Boltuck, SU Gandhy, N Heintz, ...
Autism Research 1 (3), 147-158, 2008
Brain IL-6 elevation causes neuronal circuitry imbalances and mediates autism-like behaviors
H Wei, KK Chadman, DP McCloskey, AM Sheikh, M Malik, WT Brown, X Li
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Basis of Disease 1822 (6), 831-842, 2012
Criteria for validating mouse models of psychiatric diseases
KK Chadman, M Yang, JN Crawley
American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics 150 …, 2009
Working memory deficits, increased anxiety-like traits, and seizure susceptibility in BDNF overexpressing mice
F Papaleo, JL Silverman, J Aney, Q Tian, CL Barkan, KK Chadman, ...
Learning & memory 18 (8), 534-544, 2011
Fluoxetine but not risperidone increases sociability in the BTBR mouse model of autism
KK Chadman
Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 97 (3), 586-594, 2011
Single-base resolution of mouse offspring brain methylome reveals epigenome modifications caused by gestational folic acid
S Barua, S Kuizon, KK Chadman, MJ Flory, WT Brown, MA Junaid
Epigenetics & chromatin 7 (1), 1-15, 2014
Increasing maternal or post-weaning folic acid alters gene expression and moderately changes behavior in the offspring
S Barua, KK Chadman, S Kuizon, D Buenaventura, NW Stapley, ...
PLoS One 9 (7), e101674, 2014
Water T-maze: a useful assay for determination of repetitive behaviors in mice
SR Guariglia, KK Chadman
Journal of neuroscience methods 220 (1), 24-29, 2013
New directions in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders from animal model research
KK Chadman, SR Guariglia, JH Yoo
Expert opinion on drug discovery 7 (5), 407-416, 2012
NMDA receptor antagonism impairs reversal learning in developing rats.
KK Chadman, DJ Watson, ME Stanton
Behavioral neuroscience 120 (5), 1071, 2006
Retracted: association of upregulated ras/raf/erk1/2 signaling with autism
H Zou, Y Yu, AM Sheikh, M Malik, K Yang, G Wen, KK Chadman, ...
Genes, Brain and Behavior 10 (5), 615-624, 2011
Microarray analysis reveals higher gestational folic acid alters expression of genes in the cerebellum of mice offspring—a pilot study
S Barua, S Kuizon, KK Chadman, WT Brown, MA Junaid
Brain sciences 5 (1), 14-31, 2015
Chlorination byproducts induce gender specific autistic-like behaviors in CD-1 mice
SR Guariglia, EC Jenkins Jr, KK Chadman, GY Wen
Neurotoxicology 32 (5), 545-553, 2011
Animal models for autism in 2017 and the consequential implications to drug discovery
KK Chadman
Expert opinion on drug discovery 12 (12), 1187-1194, 2017
Partial agenesis and hypoplasia of the corpus callosum in idiopathic autism
J Wegiel, M Flory, W Kaczmarski, WT Brown, K Chadman, T Wisniewski, ...
Journal of Neuropatholgy & Experimental Neurology 76 (3), 225-237, 2017
Cued and contextual fear conditioning in BTBR mice is improved with training or atomoxetine
NW Stapley, SR Guariglia, KK Chadman
Neuroscience letters 549, 120-124, 2013
Assessment of social interaction and anxiety-like behavior in senescence-accelerated-prone and-resistant mice
HC Meeker, KK Chadman, AT Heaney, RI Carp
Physiology & behavior 118, 97-102, 2013
Cardiovascular effects of nicotine, chlorisondamine, and mecamylamine in the pigeon
KK Chadman, JH Woods
Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 308 (1), 73-78, 2004
Mice over-expressing BDNF in forebrain neurons develop an altered behavioral phenotype with age
KL Weidner, DF Buenaventura, KK Chadman
Behavioural brain research 268, 222-228, 2014
The BTBR T+ tf/J (BTBR) mouse model of autism
KK Chadman, SR Guariglia
Autism S1 9 (2), 2012
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