Renata Ratajczak
Renata Ratajczak
National Centre for Nuclear Resarch (NCBJ)
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Modern analysis of ion channeling data by Monte Carlo simulations
L Nowicki, A Turos, R Ratajczak, A Stonert, F Garrido
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2005
Hydrogen release in UHMWPE upon He-ion bombardment
AM Abdul-Kader, A Turos, J Jagielski, L Nowicki, R Ratajczak, A Stonert, ...
Vacuum 78 (2-4), 281-284, 2005
Mechanism of damage buildup in ion bombarded ZnO
A Turos, P Jóźwik, M Wójcik, J Gaca, R Ratajczak, A Stonert
Acta Materialia 134, 249-256, 2017
Fabrication and characterization of nickel silicide ohmic contacts to n-type 4H silicon carbide
A Kuchuk, V Kladko, M Guziewicz, A Piotrowska, R Minikayev, A Stonert, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 100 (4), 042003, 2008
Long-term stability of Ni–silicide ohmic contact to n-type 4H–SiC
AV Kuchuk, M Guziewicz, R Ratajczak, M Wzorek, VP Kladko, ...
Microelectronic Engineering 85 (10), 2142-2145, 2008
Ni-based ohmic contacts to n-type 4H-SiC: the formation mechanism and thermal stability
AV Kuchuk, P Borowicz, M Wzorek, M Borysiewicz, R Ratajczak, ...
Advances in Condensed Matter Physics 2016, 2016
Thermal degradation of Au/Ni2Si/n-SiC ohmic contacts under different conditions
AV Kuchuk, M Guziewicz, R Ratajczak, M Wzorek, VP Kladko, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 165 (1-2), 38-41, 2009
The photoluminescence response to structural changes of Yb implanted ZnO crystals subjected to non-equilibrium processing
R Ratajczak, S Prucnal, E Guziewicz, C Mieszczynski, D Snigurenko, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 121 (7), 075101, 2017
Modification of UHMWPE by ion, electron and γ-ray irradiation
A Turos, AM Abdul-Kader, R Ratajczak, A Stonert
Vacuum 83, S54-S56, 2009
On the formation of Ni-based ohmic contacts to n-type 4H-SiC
AV Kuchuk, VP Kladko, A Piotrowska, R Ratajczak, R Jakieła
Materials Science Forum 615, 573-576, 2009
Amorphous Ta–Si–N diffusion barriers on GaAs
A Kuchuk, E Kaminska, A Piotrowska, K Golaszewska, E Dynowska, ...
Thin Solid Films 459 (1-2), 292-296, 2004
Nanoscale Electrostructural Characterization of Compositionally Graded AlxGa1–xN Heterostructures on GaN/Sapphire (0001) Substrate
AV Kuchuk, PM Lytvyn, C Li, HV Stanchu, YI Mazur, ME Ware, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (41), 23320-23327, 2015
RBS/Channeling and TEM study of damage buildup in ion bombarded GaN
K Pągowska, R Ratajczak, A Stonert, A Turos, L Nowicki, N Sathish, ...
Acta Physica Polonica A 120 (1), 153-155, 2011
Modification of the near surface layer of carbon steels with intense argon and nitrogen plasma pulses
B Sartowska, J Piekoszewski, L Waliś, W Szymczyk, J Stanisławski, ...
Vacuum 78 (2-4), 181-186, 2005
Virtues and pitfalls in structural analysis of compound semiconductors by the complementary use of RBS/channeling and high resolution X-ray diffraction
A Turos, J Gaca, M Wojcik, L Nowicki, R Ratajczak, R Groetzschel, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2004
New oxide crystal (La, Sr)(Al, Ta) O3 as substrate for GaN epitaxy
T Łukasiewicz, M Świrkowicz, H Sakowska, A Turos, M Leszczyński, ...
Journal of crystal growth 237, 1118-1123, 2002
Hydrogen-ion implantation in GaAs
G Gawlik, R Ratajczak, A Turos, J Jagielski, S Bedell, WL Lanford
Vacuum 63 (4), 697-700, 2001
Barrier properties of Ta–Si–N films in Ag-and Au-containing metallization
AV Kuchuk, J Ciosek, A Piotrowska, E Kaminska, A Wawro, OS Lytvyn, ...
Vacuum 74 (2), 195-199, 2004
Compositional dependence of damage buildup in Ar-ion bombarded AlGaN
K Pągowska, R Ratajczak, A Stonert, L Nowicki, A Turos
vacuum 83, S145-S147, 2009
Diffusion barrier properties of reactively sputtered W-Ti-N thin films
AN Kuchuk, VP Kladko, VF Machulin, A Piotrowska, E Kaminska, ...
Reviews on Advanced Materials Science 8 (1), 22-26, 2004
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