Elena Bergamini
Elena Bergamini
Università degli Studi di Roma "Foro Italico"
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Estimating orientation using magnetic and inertial sensors and different sensor fusion approaches: Accuracy assessment in manual and locomotion tasks
E Bergamini, G Ligorio, A Summa, G Vannozzi, A Cappozzo, AM Sabatini
Sensors 14 (10), 18625-18649, 2014
Estimation of temporal parameters during sprint running using a trunk-mounted inertial measurement unit
E Bergamini, P Picerno, H Pillet, F Natta, P Thoreux, V Camomilla
Journal of biomechanics 45 (6), 1123-1126, 2012
Trends supporting the in-field use of wearable inertial sensors for sport performance evaluation: A systematic review
V Camomilla, E Bergamini, S Fantozzi, G Vannozzi
Sensors 18 (3), 873, 2018
Trunk inclination estimate during the sprint start using an inertial measurement unit: A validation study
E Bergamini, P Guillon, V Camomilla, H Pillet, W Skalli, A Cappozzo
Journal of applied biomechanics 29 (5), 622-627, 2013
Tibio-femoral joint constraints for bone pose estimation during movement using multi-body optimization
E Bergamini, H Pillet, J Hausselle, P Thoreux, S Guerard, V Camomilla, ...
Gait & posture 33 (4), 706-711, 2011
How angular velocity features and different gyroscope noise types interact and determine orientation estimation accuracy
I Pasciuto, G Ligorio, E Bergamini, G Vannozzi, AM Sabatini, A Cappozzo
Sensors 15 (9), 23983-24001, 2015
Assessing locomotor skills development in childhood using wearable inertial sensor devices: the running paradigm
I Masci, G Vannozzi, E Bergamini, C Pesce, N Getchell, A Cappozzo
Gait & posture 37 (4), 570-574, 2013
Wheelchair propulsion biomechanics in junior basketball players: A method for the evaluation of the efficacy of a specific training program
E Bergamini, F Morelli, F Marchetti, G Vannozzi, L Polidori, F Paradisi, ...
BioMed research international 2015, 2015
Overcoming the limitations of the Harmonic Ratio for the reliable assessment of gait symmetry
I Pasciuto, E Bergamini, M Iosa, G Vannozzi, A Cappozzo
Journal of biomechanics 53, 84-89, 2017
Multilevel upper body movement control during gait in children with cerebral palsy
A Summa, G Vannozzi, E Bergamini, M Iosa, D Morelli, A Cappozzo
PloS one 11 (3), 2016
Assessing the performance of sensor fusion methods: Application to magnetic-inertial-based human body tracking
G Ligorio, E Bergamini, I Pasciuto, G Vannozzi, A Cappozzo, AM Sabatini
Sensors 16 (2), 153, 2016
Multi-sensor assessment of dynamic balance during gait in patients with subacute stroke
E Bergamini, M Iosa, V Belluscio, G Morone, M Tramontano, G Vannozzi
Journal of biomechanics 61, 208-215, 2017
In-field use of wearable magneto-inertial sensors for sports performance evaluation
V Camomilla, E Bergamini, S Fantozzi, G Vannozzi
ISBS-conference proceedings archive, 2015
Biomechanics of sprint running: a methodological contribution
E Bergamini
A new method for the evaluation of the end-to-end distance of the knee ligaments and popliteal complex during passive knee flexion
G Rochcongar, H Pillet, E Bergamini, S Moreau, P Thoreux, W Skalli, ...
The Knee 23 (3), 420-425, 2016
The iFST: An instrumented version of the Fukuda Stepping Test for balance assessment
V Belluscio, E Bergamini, M Iosa, M Tramontano, G Morone, G Vannozzi
Gait & posture 60, 203-208, 2018
Femur, tibia and fibula bone templates to estimate subject-specific knee ligament attachment site locations
H Pillet, E Bergamini, G Rochcongar, V Camomilla, P Thoreux, P Rouch, ...
Journal of biomechanics 49 (14), 3523-3528, 2016
Vestibular rehabilitation training in patients with subacute stroke: A preliminary randomized controlled trial
M Tramontano, E Bergamini, M Iosa, V Belluscio, G Vannozzi, G Morone
NeuroRehabilitation 43 (2), 247-254, 2018
Roundhouse kick with and without impact in karateka of different technical level
V Camomilla, P Sbriccoli, F Quinzi, E Bergamini, A Mario, F Felici
ISBS-Conference Proceedings Archive, 2009
Dynamic balance assessment during gait in children with Down and Prader-Willi syndromes using inertial sensors
V Belluscio, E Bergamini, G Salatino, T Marro, P Gentili, M Iosa, D Morelli, ...
Human movement science 63, 53-61, 2019
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