Joseph Xu Zhou
Joseph Xu Zhou
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Non-Darwinian dynamics in therapy-induced cancer drug resistance
AO Pisco, A Brock, J Zhou, A Moor, M Mojtahedi, D Jackson, S Huang
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-11, 2013
Cell fate decision as high-dimensional critical state transition
M Mojtahedi, A Skupin, J Zhou, IG Castaño, RYY Leong-Quong, H Chang, ...
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Quasi-potential landscape in complex multi-stable systems
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Understanding gene circuits at cell-fate branch points for rational cell reprogramming
JX Zhou, S Huang
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Cellular network entropy as the energy potential in Waddington's differentiation landscape
CRS Banerji, D Miranda-Saavedra, S Severini, M Widschwendter, ...
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Gene-pair expression signatures reveal lineage control
M Heinäniemi, M Nykter, R Kramer, A Wienecke-Baldacchino, ...
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A CD4+ T cell population expanded in lupus blood provides B cell help through interleukin-10 and succinate
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Nature medicine 25 (1), 75-81, 2019
Predicting pancreas cell fate decisions and reprogramming with a hierarchical multi-attractor model
JX Zhou, L Brusch, S Huang
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Cell population structure prior to bifurcation predicts efficiency of directed differentiation in human induced pluripotent cells
R Bargaje, K Trachana, MN Shelton, CS McGinnis, JX Zhou, C Chadick, ...
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Extracting Intercellular Signaling Network Of Cancer Tissues Using Ligand-Receptor Expression Patterns From Whole-Tumor And Single-Cell Transcriptomes
JX Zhou, R Taramelli, E Pedrini, T Knijnenburg, S Huang
Scientific Reports 7 (10.1038/s41598-017-09307-w), 8815, 2017
Nonequilibrium population dynamics of phenotype conversion of cancer cells
JX Zhou, AO Pisco, H Qian, S Huang
PloS one 9 (12), e110714, 2014
Relative stability of network states in Boolean network models of gene regulation in development
JX Zhou, A Samal, AF d’Hérouël, ND Price, S Huang
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Practical guidance for the evaluation and management of drug hypersensitivity: specific drugs
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Single-cell gene expression profiling and cell state dynamics: collecting data, correlating data points and connecting the dots
SH Carsten Marr, Joseph X Zhou
Current Opinion in Biotechnology 39, 207-214, 2016
On the role of lateral stabilization during early patterning in the pancreas
W de Back, JX Zhou, L Brusch
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Determining relative dynamic stability of cell states using boolean network model
JI Joo, JX Zhou, S Huang, KH Cho
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Processes on the emergent landscapes of biochemical reaction networks and heterogeneous cell population dynamics: differentiation in living matters
S Huang, F Li, JX Zhou, H Qian
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 14 (130), 20170097, 2017
TGFβ-blockade uncovers stromal plasticity in tumors by revealing the existence of a subset of interferon-licensed fibroblasts
AL Grauel, B Nguyen, D Ruddy, T Laszewski, S Schwartz, J Chang, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-17, 2020
Systematic drug perturbations on cancer cells reveal diverse exit paths from proliferative state
JX Zhou, Z Isik, C Xiao, I Rubin, SA Kauffman, M Schroeder, S Huang
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Phylostratigraphic analysis of tumor and developmental transcriptomes reveals relationship between oncogenesis, phylogenesis and ontogenesis
JX Zhou, L Cisneros, T Knijnenburg, K Trachana, P Davies, S Huang
Convergent Science Physical Oncology 4 (2), 025002, 2018
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