I. Kaliukh, Iu. I. Kaliukh, Y. Kaliukh, Ю.І. Калюх, Ю.И. Калюх, Юрій Калюх, Iurii Kalyukh
I. Kaliukh, Iu. I. Kaliukh, Y. Kaliukh, Ю.І. Калюх, Ю.И. Калюх, Юрій Калюх, Iurii Kalyukh
Інститут телекоммунікацій та глобального інформаційного простору НАНУ
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Txt-tool 2.380-1.1: monitoring and early warning system of the building constructions of the livadia palace, ukraine
O Trofymchuk, I Kaliukh, O Klymenkov
Landslide Dynamics: ISDR-ICL Landslide Interactive Teaching Tools: Volume 1 …, 2018
Mathematical and GIS-modeling of landslides in Kharkiv region of Ukraine
O Trofymchuk, Y Kalyukh, H Hlebchuk
Landslide Science and Practice: Volume 3: Spatial Analysis and Modelling …, 2013
Experimentally-analytical researches of the technical state of reinforce-concrete constructions for defense from landslide’s pressure in seismic regions of Ukraine
I Kaliukh, V Senatorov, O Khavkin, T Kaliukh, K Khavkin
Proceedings of the Fib Symposium, 22-24, 2013
Use accelerogram of real earthquakes in the evaluation of the stress-strain state of landslide slopes in seismically active regions of Ukraine
O Trofymchuk, I Kaliukh, K Silchenko, V Polevetskiy, V Berchun, ...
Engineering Geology for Society and Territory-Volume 2: Landslide Processes …, 2015
Arrangement of deep foundation pit in restricted conditions of city build-up in landslide territory with considering of seismic loads of 8 points
I Kaliukh, V Senatorov, N Marienkov, O Trofymchuk, K Silchenko, ...
Dynamic certification of landslide protection structures in a seismically hazardous region of ukraine: Experimental and analytical research
R Trofymchuk, O. , Lebid, O. , Klymenkov, O. , ... Shekhunova, S. , Havrilyuk
Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering for Protection and Development of …, 2019
Practical measures fo landslide risk mitigation in the Ukrainian Carpathians
I Kaliukh, O Trofymchuk, G Farenyuk, O Ivanik, S Shekhunova
First EAGE Workshop on Assessment of Landslide and Debris Flows Hazards in …, 2019
Numerical Solution of Two-Point Static Problems for Distributed Extended Systems by Means of the Nelder–Mead Method
OL I Kaliukh, O Trofymchuk
Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 55 (4), 616-624, 2019
Identification of defects in reinforced concrete piles based on multi-wave reflection
Y Kaliukh, I. , Fareniuk, G. , Trofymchuk, O. , Fareniuk, I. , Berchun
Proceedings of the fib Symposium 2019: Concrete - Innovations in Materials …, 2019
Factorization in problems of control and dynamics of lengthy systems
YI Kaliukh, AY Vusatiuk
Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 55 (2), 274-283, 2019
Experimental and theoretical diagnostics of defects in ferroconcrete piles based on reflection of longitudinal and transverse waves
G Farenyuk, I Kaliukh, E Farenyuk, T Kaliukh, Y Berchun, V Berchun
High Tech Concrete: Where Technology and Engineering Meet: Proceedings of …, 2018
Constructing the adaptive algorithms for solving multi-wave problems
I Kaliukh, O Lebid
Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 57, 938-949, 2021
Four-mode model of dynamics of distributed systems
YA Kaliukh, Y.I. , Berchun
Journal of Automation and Information Sciences 52, 2020
On the possibility of multi-wavelength identification of defects in piles
OM Trofymchuk, YI Kaliukh, VA Dunin, YA Berchun
Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 54, 600-609, 2018
Decreasing service life of buildings under regular explosion loads
I Kaliukh, V Dunin, Y Berchun
Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 54, 948-956, 2018
Modelling of landslide hazards in Kharkov Region of Ukraine using GIS. Landslides: global risk preparedness
AG O Trofymchuk, I Kaliukh
Landslides: Global Risk Preparedness, 2013
Geotechnical issues of landslides in Ukraine: Simulation, monitoring and protection
I Kaliukh, I., Fareniuk, G., Fareniuk
Springer, Cham 216849 (Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geoe), 1466–1469, 2018
Ukraine’s Cultural Heritage Objects Within Landslide Hazardous Sites
O Trofymchuk, O Lebid, V Berchun, Y Berchun, I Kaliukh
Protection of Historical Constructions: Proceedings of PROHITECH 2021 4, 951-961, 2022
Landslide stabilization in building practice: methodology and case study from Autonomic Republic of Crimea
O Trofymchuk, I Kaliukh, V Berchun
Advancing Culture of Living with Landslides: Volume 3 Advances in Landslide …, 2017
Experimental and analytical studies of landslides in the south of Ukraine under the action of natural seismic impacts
OM Trofymchuk, II Kaliukh, HS Hlebchuk, VP Berchun
Earthquake-Induced Landslides: Proceedings of the International Symposium on …, 2013
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