Filipe Oliveira Barroso
Filipe Oliveira Barroso
Postdoctoral Researcher (Cajal Institute, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Madrid, Spain)
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Shared muscle synergies in human walking and cycling
FO Barroso, D Torricelli, JC Moreno, J Taylor, J Gomez-Soriano, ...
Journal of neurophysiology 112 (8), 1984-1998, 2014
Effects of robotic guidance on the coordination of locomotion
JC Moreno, F Barroso, D Farina, L Gizzi, C Santos, M Molinari, JL Pons
Journal of neuroengineering and rehabilitation 10 (1), 79, 2013
Combining muscle synergies and biomechanical analysis to assess gait in stroke patients
FO Barroso, D Torricelli, F Molina-Rueda, IM Alguacil-Diego, ...
Journal of Biomechanics 63, 98-103, 2017
Modular control of gait after incomplete spinal cord injury: differences between sides
S Pérez-Nombela, F Barroso, D Torricelli, A de Los Reyes-Guzmán, ...
Spinal Cord 55 (1), 79-86, 2017
Muscle synergies in cycling after incomplete spinal cord injury: correlation with clinical measures of motor function and spasticity
FO Barroso, D Torricelli, E Bravo-Esteban, J Taylor, J Gómez-Soriano, ...
Frontiers in human neuroscience 9, 706, 2016
Muscle synergies in clinical practice: Theoretical and practical implications
D Torricelli, F Barroso, M Coscia, C Alessandro, F Lunardini, EB Esteban, ...
Emerging Therapies in Neurorehabilitation II, 251-272, 2016
Similarity of muscle synergies in human walking and cycling: preliminary results
F Barroso, D Torricelli, JC Moreno, J Taylor, J Gómez-Soriano, ...
2013 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2013
Adaptation after vastus lateralis denervation in rats demonstrates neural regulation of joint stresses and strains
C Alessandro, BA Rellinger, FO Barroso, MC Tresch
Elife 7, e38215, 2018
Influence of the robotic exoskeleton Lokomat on the control of human gait: an electromyographic and kinematic analysis
F Barroso, C Santos, JC Moreno
2013 IEEE 3rd Portuguese Meeting in Bioengineering (ENBENG), 1-6, 2013
Coordination amongst quadriceps muscles suggests neural regulation of internal joint stresses, not simplification of task performance
C Alessandro, FO Barroso, A Prashara, DP Tentler, HY Yeh, MC Tresch
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (14), 8135-8142, 2020
Haptic Adaptive Feedback to Promote Motor Learning With a Robotic Ankle Exoskeleton Integrated With a Video Game
JCM G Asín-Prieto, A Martínez-Expósito, FO Barroso, EJ Urendes, J Gonzalez ...
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 2020
Adaptation of muscle activation after patellar loading demonstrates neural control of joint variables
MCT FO Barroso, C Alessandro
Scientific Reports 9, 2019
Noninvasive modalities used in spinal cord injury rehabilitation
FO Barroso, A Pascual-Valdunciel, D Torricelli, JC Moreno, AJ Del-Ama, ...
IntechOpen, 2019
A thin-film multichannel electrode for muscle recording and stimulation in neuroprosthetics applications
DF S Muceli, W Poppendieck, KP Hoffmann, S Dosen, JB León, FO Barroso, JL Pons
J Neural Eng, 2019
Modular control of crouch gait in spastic cerebral palsy
D Torricelli, M Pajaro, S Lerma, E Marquez, I Martinez, F Barroso, JL Pons
XIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and …, 2014
Working hard to make a simple definition of synergies: Comment on:" Hand synergies: Integration of robotics and neuroscience for understanding the control of biological and …
C Alessandro, FO Barroso, M Tresch
Physics of life reviews 17, 24-26, 2016
Surface EMG in neurorehabilitation and ergonomics: State of the art and future perspectives
F Barroso, DR Bueno, JÁ Gallego, P Jaramillo, A Kilicarslan
Emerging Therapies in Neurorehabilitation, 267-284, 2014
Intramuscular stimulation of muscle afferents attains prolonged tremor reduction in essential tremor patients
A Pascual-Valdunciel, M González-Sánchez, S Muceli, B Adán-Barrientos, ...
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 68 (6), 1768-1776, 2020
Comparison of Intramuscular and Surface Electromyography Recordings Towards the Control of Wearable Robots for Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
C Rodrigues, M Fernandeéz, Á Megia, N Comino, A Del-Ama, ...
2020 8th IEEE RAS/EMBS International Conference for Biomedical Robotics and …, 2020
Modulation of reciprocal inhibition at the wrist as a neurophysiological correlate of tremor suppression: a pilot healthy subject study
JLP Alejandro Pascual-Valdunciel, Filipe O. Barroso, Silvia Muceli, Julian ...
2019 41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2019
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