Pooya Davari
Pooya Davari
Associate Professor in Power Electronics, Aalborg University, Founder&Chair of EMC Society Denmark
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A robust adaptive load frequency control for micro-grids
MH Khooban, T Niknam, F Blaabjerg, P Davari, T Dragicevic
ISA transactions 65, 220-229, 2016
An overview of assessment methods for synchronization stability of grid-connected converters under severe symmetrical grid faults
MG Taul, X Wang, P Davari, F Blaabjerg
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 34 (10), 9655-9670, 2019
Lifetime estimation of dc-link capacitors in adjustable speed drives under grid voltage unbalances
H Wang, P Davari, H Wang, D Kumar, F Zare, F Blaabjerg
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 34 (5), 4064-4078, 2018
Distributed Primary and Secondary Power Sharing in a Droop-Controlled LVDC Microgrid with Merged AC and DC Characteristics Method
S Peyghami, H Mokhtari, PC Loh, P Davari, F Blaabjerg
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2017
Harmonic emissions of three-phase diode rectifiers in distribution networks
F Zare, H Soltani, D Kumar, P Davari, HAM Delpino, F Blaabjerg
Ieee Access 5, 2819-2833, 2017
Synchronverter-Enabled DC Power Sharing Approach for LVDC Microgrids
S Peyghami, P Davari, H Mokhtari, PC Loh, F Blaabjerg
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 2016
Switching loss reduction in the three-phase quasi-Z-source inverters utilizing modified space vector modulation strategies
A Abdelhakim, P Davari, F Blaabjerg, P Mattavelli
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 33 (5), 4045-4060, 2017
A multi-pulse pattern modulation scheme for harmonic mitigation in three-phase multi-motor drives
P Davari, Y Yang, F Zare, F Blaabjerg
Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, 2016
Current limiting control with enhanced dynamics of grid-forming converters during fault conditions
MG Taul, X Wang, P Davari, F Blaabjerg
IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics 8 (2 …, 2019
Performance evaluation of the single-phase split-source inverter using an alternative DC–AC configuration
A Abdelhakim, P Mattavelli, P Davari, F Blaabjerg
IEEE Transactions on industrial electronics 65 (1), 363-373, 2017
Designing a new robust on-line secondary path modeling technique for feedforward active noise control systems
P Davari, H Hassanpour
Signal Processing 89 (6), 1195-1204, 2009
A new fast and efficient HMM-based face recognition system using a 7-state HMM along with SVD coefficients
H Miar-Naimi, P Davari
Effect of pulsed power on particle matter in diesel engine exhaust using a DBD plasma reactor
M Babaie, P Davari, F Zare, MM Rahman, H Rahimzadeh, Z Ristovski, ...
Plasma Science, IEEE Transactions on 41 (8), 2349-2358, 2013
High-Voltage Modular Power Supply Using Parallel and Series Configurations of Flyback Converter for Pulsed Power Applications
P Davari, F Zare, A Ghosh, H Akiyama
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 1-10, 2012
Performance evaluation of non-thermal plasma on particulate matter, ozone and CO2 correlation for diesel exhaust emission reduction
M Babaie, P Davari, P Talebizadeh, F Zare, H Rahimzadeh, Z Ristovski, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 276, 240-248, 2015
Pulse Pattern Modulated Strategy for Harmonic Current Components Reduction in Three-Phase AC-DC Converters
P Davari, F Zare, F Blaabjerg
Industry Applications, IEEE Transactions on, 3182 - 3192, 2016
On secondary control approaches for voltage regulation in DC microgrids
S Peyghami, H Mokhtari, P Davari, PC Loh, F Blaabjerg
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 53 (5), 4855-4862, 2017
Improving 9-150 kHz EMI Performance of Single-Phase PFC Rectifier
P Davari, E Hoene, F Zare, F Blaabjerg
Cips 2018-10th International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems, 2018
System-level reliability-oriented power sharing strategy for DC power systems
S Peyghami, P Davari, F Blaabjerg
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 55 (5), 4865-4875, 2019
Effects of modulation techniques on the input current interharmonics of adjustable speed drives
H Soltani, P Davari, F Zare, F Blaabjerg
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 65 (1), 167-178, 2017
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