J. Tomás Lázaro
J. Tomás Lázaro
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Abundance of attracting, repelling and elliptic periodic orbits in two-dimensional reversible maps
A Delshams, SV Gonchenko, VS Gonchenko, JT Lázaro, O Sten'Kin
Nonlinearity 26 (1), 1, 2012
Upper bounds for the number of zeroes for some Abelian integrals
A Gasull, JT Lázaro, J Torregrosa
Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications 75 (13), 5169-5179, 2012
On the integrability of polynomial fields in the plane by means of Picard-Vessiot theory
PB Acosta-Humánez, JT Lázaro-Ochoa, JJ Morales-Ruiz, C Pantazi
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On the Chebyshev property for a new family of functions
A Gasull, JT Lázaro, J Torregrosa
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Differential Galois theory and non-integrability of planar polynomial vector fields
PB Acosta-Humánez, JT Lázaro, JJ Morales-Ruiz, C Pantazi
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Mixed dynamics of 2-dimensional reversible maps with a symmetric couple of quadratic homoclinic tangencies
A Delshams, MS Gonchenko, SV Gonchenko, JT Lázaro
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Pseudo-normal form near saddle-center or saddle-focus equilibria
A Delshams, JT Lazaro
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A pseudo-normal form for planar vector fields
A Delshams, A Guillamon, JT Lázaro
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Dynamics in a time-discrete food-chain model with strong pressure on preys
L Alsedà, B Vidiella, R Solé, JT Lázaro, J Sardanyés
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Rational parameterizations approach for solving equations in some dynamical systems problems
A Gasull, JT Lázaro, J Torregrosa
Qualitative theory of dynamical systems 18 (2), 583-602, 2019
Viral replication modes in single-peak fitness landscapes: A dynamical systems analysis
J Fornés, JT Lázaro, T Alarcón, SF Elena, J Sardanyés
Journal of theoretical biology 460, 170-183, 2019
Dynamics and bifurcations in a simple quasispecies model of tumorigenesis
V Castillo, JT Lázaro, J Sardanyés
Computational and Applied Mathematics 36 (1), 415-431, 2017
A new family of Chebyshev systems
A Gasull, JT Lázaro, J Torregrosa
preparation, 2011
On normal forms and splitting of separatrices in reversible systems
JT Lazaro
On normal forms and splitting of separatrices in reversible systems
JT Lázaro Ochoa
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2003
On Dynamics and Invariant Sets in Predator-Prey Maps
B Vidiella, JT Lázaro, L Alsedà, J Sardanyés
Dynamical Systems Theory, 2019
Full analysis of small hypercycles with short-circuits in prebiotic evolution
J Sardanyés, JT Lázaro, A Guillamon, E Fontich
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 347, 90-108, 2017
Effective Stability in Reversible Systems
A Delshams, JT Làzaro
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Funcions de diverses variables. curs bàsic.
M Claverol
Edicions UPC, 1996
On dynamics and invariant sets in predator-prey maps
JT Lázaro Ochoa, L Alsedà, J Sardañés, B Vidiella
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