Suzanna Carter Francis
Suzanna Carter Francis
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Sexually transmitted infections: challenges ahead
M Unemo, CS Bradshaw, JS Hocking, HJC de Vries, SC Francis, ...
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The vaginal microbiota: what have we learned after a decade of molecular characterization?
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Evaluation of PacBio sequencing for full-length bacterial 16S rRNA gene classification
J Wagner, P Coupland, HP Browne, TD Lawley, SC Francis, J Parkhill
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Menstrual health and school absenteeism among adolescent girls in Uganda (MENISCUS): a feasibility study
G Miiro, R Rutakumwa, J Nakiyingi-Miiro, K Nakuya, S Musoke, ...
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Prevalence of sexually transmitted infections among young people in South Africa: A nested survey in a health and demographic surveillance site
SC Francis, TN Mthiyane, K Baisley, SL Mchunu, JB Ferguson, T Smit, ...
PLoS medicine 15 (2), e1002512, 2018
Prevalence of rectal Trichomonas vaginalis and Mycoplasma genitalium in male patients at the San Francisco STD clinic, 2005-2006
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Intravaginal and menstrual practices among women working in food and recreational facilities in Mwanza, Tanzania: implications for microbicide trials
CF Allen, N Desmond, B Chiduo, L Medard, SS Lees, A Vallely, ...
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Immune activation in the female genital tract: expression profiles of soluble proteins in women at high risk for HIV infection
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Correlates of the molecular vaginal microbiota composition of African women
R Gautam, H Borgdorff, V Jespers, SC Francis, R Verhelst, M Mwaura, ...
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Understanding motives for intravaginal practices amongst Tanzanian and Ugandan women at high risk of HIV infection: the embodiment of social and cultural norms and well-being
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Bacterial vaginosis among women at high risk for HIV in Uganda: high rate of recurrent diagnosis despite treatment
SC Francis, C Looker, J Vandepitte, J Bukenya, Y Mayanja, S Nakubulwa, ...
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Vaginal practices among women at high risk of HIV infection in Uganda and Tanzania: recorded behaviour from a daily pictorial diary
SC Francis, K Baisley, SS Lees, B Andrew, F Zalwango, J Seeley, ...
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Are women who work in bars, guesthouses and similar facilities a suitable study population for vaginal microbicide trials in Africa?
A Vallely, IR Hambleton, S Kasindi, L Knight, SC Francis, T Chirwa, ...
PLoS One 5 (5), e10661, 2010
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