Brett Savoie
Brett Savoie
Assistant Professor, Purdue
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Controlling conformations of conjugated polymers and small molecules: The role of nonbonding interactions
NE Jackson, BM Savoie, KL Kohlstedt, M Olvera de la Cruz, GC Schatz, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (28), 10475-10483, 2013
Unequal partnership: Asymmetric roles of polymeric donor and fullerene acceptor in generating free charge
BM Savoie, A Rao, AA Bakulin, S Gelinas, B Movaghar, RH Friend, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (7), 2876-2884, 2014
Conformational order in aggregates of conjugated polymers
NE Jackson, KL Kohlstedt, BM Savoie, M Olvera de la Cruz, GC Schatz, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (19), 6254-6262, 2015
The next breakthrough for organic photovoltaics?
NE Jackson, BM Savoie, TJ Marks, LX Chen, MA Ratner
The journal of physical chemistry letters 6 (1), 77-84, 2015
Systematic computational and experimental investigation of lithium-ion transport mechanisms in polyester-based polymer electrolytes
MA Webb, Y Jung, DM Pesko, BM Savoie, U Yamamoto, GW Coates, ...
ACS central science 1 (4), 198-205, 2015
Molecular engineering of organic–inorganic hybrid perovskites quantum wells
Y Gao, E Shi, S Deng, SB Shiring, JM Snaider, C Liang, B Yuan, R Song, ...
Nature chemistry 11 (12), 1151-1157, 2019
A nonconjugated radical polymer glass with high electrical conductivity
Y Joo, V Agarkar, SH Sung, BM Savoie, BW Boudouris
Science 359 (6382), 1391-1395, 2018
The scope and limitations of ternary blend organic photovoltaics
BM Savoie, S Dunaisky, TJ Marks, MA Ratner
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (3), 1400891, 2015
Room-temperature cycling of metal fluoride electrodes: Liquid electrolytes for high-energy fluoride ion cells
VK Davis, CM Bates, K Omichi, BM Savoie, N Momčilović, Q Xu, WJ Wolf, ...
Science 362 (6419), 1144-1148, 2018
Mechanical bond-induced radical stabilization
H Li, Z Zhu, AC Fahrenbach, BM Savoie, C Ke, JC Barnes, J Lei, YL Zhao, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (1), 456-467, 2013
Two-dimensional halide perovskite lateral epitaxial heterostructures
E Shi, B Yuan, SB Shiring, Y Gao, Y Guo, C Su, M Lai, P Yang, J Kong, ...
Nature 580 (7805), 614-620, 2020
Semiconducting polymer blends that exhibit stable charge transport at high temperatures
A Gumyusenge, DT Tran, X Luo, GM Pitch, Y Zhao, KA Jenkins, TJ Dunn, ...
Science 362 (6419), 1131-1134, 2018
Enhancing cation diffusion and suppressing anion diffusion via Lewis-acidic polymer electrolytes
BM Savoie, MA Webb, TF Miller III
The journal of physical chemistry letters 8 (3), 641-646, 2017
Mesoscopic features of charge generation in organic semiconductors
BM Savoie, NE Jackson, LX Chen, TJ Marks, MA Ratner
Accounts of chemical research 47 (11), 3385-3394, 2014
Mesoscale molecular network formation in amorphous organic materials
BM Savoie, KL Kohlstedt, NE Jackson, LX Chen, MO De La Cruz, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (28), 10055-10060, 2014
Optimizing ion transport in polyether-based electrolytes for lithium batteries
Q Zheng, DM Pesko, BM Savoie, K Timachova, AL Hasan, MC Smith, ...
Macromolecules 51 (8), 2847-2858, 2018
Reassessing the use of one-electron energetics in the design and characterization of organic photovoltaics
BM Savoie, NE Jackson, TJ Marks, MA Ratner
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (13), 4538-4547, 2013
Chemically specific dynamic bond percolation model for ion transport in polymer electrolytes
MA Webb, BM Savoie, ZG Wang, TF Miller III
Macromolecules 48 (19), 7346-7358, 2015
Stokes shift/emission efficiency trade-off in donor–acceptor perylenemonoimides for luminescent solar concentrators
R Turrisi, A Sanguineti, M Sassi, B Savoie, A Takai, GE Patriarca, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (15), 8045-8054, 2015
Modeling geminate pair dissociation in organic solar cells: high power conversion efficiencies achieved with moderate optical bandgaps
JD Servaites, BM Savoie, JB Brink, TJ Marks, MA Ratner
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (8), 8343-8350, 2012
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