Evi Kontou
Evi Kontou
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Thermo-mechanical properties of LLDPE/SiO2 nanocomposites
E Kontou, M Niaounakis
Polymer 47 (4), 1267-1280, 2006
Strain sensing in polymer/carbon nanotube composites by electrical resistance measurement
G Georgousis, C Pandis, A Kalamiotis, P Georgiopoulos, A Kyritsis, ...
Composites Part B: Engineering 68, 162-169, 2015
The effect of silica nanoparticles on the thermomechanical properties of polystyrene
E Kontou, G Anthoulis
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 105 (4), 1723-1731, 2007
Physical and chemical cross-linking effects in polyurethane elastomers
E Kontou, G Spathis, M Niaounakis, V Kefalas
Colloid and Polymer Science 268 (7), 636-644, 1990
Comparative study of PLA nanocomposites reinforced with clay and silica nanofillers and their mixtures
E Kontou, M Niaounakis, P Georgiopoulos
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 122 (3), 1519-1529, 2011
Morphological changes in segmented polyurethane elastomers by varying the NCO/OH ratio
G Spathis, M Niaounakis, E Kontou, L Apekis, P Pissis, C Christodoulides
Journal of applied polymer science 54 (7), 831-842, 1994
Determination of the true stress–strain behaviour of polypropylene
E Kontou, P Farasoglou
Journal of materials science 33 (1), 147-153, 1998
Fiber orientation dependence of continuous carbon/epoxy composites nonlinear viscoelastic behavior
GC Papanicolaou, SP Zaoutsos, EA Kontou
Composites Science and Technology 64 (16), 2535-2545, 2004
Short-term creep behavior of a biodegradable polymer reinforced with wood-fibers
P Georgiopoulos, E Kontou, A Christopoulos
Composites Part B: Engineering 80, 134-144, 2015
Creep failure time prediction of polymers and polymer composites
G Spathis, E Kontou
Composites Science and Technology 72 (9), 959-964, 2012
Relaxation phenomena and morphology of polyurethane block copolymers
G Spathis, E Kontou, V Kefalas, L Apekis, C Christodoulides, P Pissis, ...
Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part B: Physics 29 (1), 31-48, 1990
Micromechanical behaviour of particulate polymer nanocomposites
GI Anthoulis, E Kontou
Polymer 49 (7), 1934-1942, 2008
Thermomechanical properties and rheological behavior of biodegradable composites
P Georgiopoulos, E Kontou, M Niaounakis
Polymer composites 35 (6), 1140-1149, 2014
Experimental and theoretical description of the plastic behaviour of semicrystalline polymers
G Spathis, E Kontou
Polymer 39 (1), 135-142, 1998
The effect of surface treatment on the performance of flax/biodegradable composites
P Georgiopoulos, A Christopoulos, S Koutsoumpis, E Kontou
Composites Part B: Engineering 106, 88-98, 2016
Interrelation between moisture absorption, mechanical behavior, and extent of the boundary interphase in particulate composites
PS Theocaris, GC Papanicolaou, EA Kontou
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The effect of moisture absorption on the thermomechanical properties of particulates
PS Theocaris, EA Kontou, GC Papanicolaou
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Nonlinear viscoelastic and viscoplastic response of glassy polymers
G Spathis, E Kontou
Polymer Engineering & Science 41 (8), 1337-1344, 2001
The role of nanofillers on the degradation behavior of polylactic acid
E Kontou, P Georgiopoulos, M Niaounakis
Polymer composites 33 (2), 282-294, 2012
Physical and chemical network effects in polyurethane elastomers
L Apekis, P Pissis, C Christodoulides, G Spathis, M Niaounakis, E Kontou, ...
Physics of Polymer Networks, 144-150, 1992
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