Nikhil Wagle
Nikhil Wagle
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School / Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
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A landscape of driver mutations in melanoma
E Hodis, IR Watson, GV Kryukov, ST Arold, M Imielinski, JP Theurillat, ...
Cell 150 (2), 251-263, 2012
Dissecting therapeutic resistance to RAF inhibition in melanoma by tumor genomic profiling
N Wagle, C Emery, MF Berger, MJ Davis, A Sawyer, P Pochanard, ...
Journal of clinical oncology 29 (22), 3085, 2011
The genetic landscape of clinical resistance to RAF inhibition in metastatic melanoma
EM Van Allen, N Wagle, A Sucker, DJ Treacy, CM Johannessen, ...
Cancer discovery 4 (1), 94-109, 2014
Melanoma genome sequencing reveals frequent PREX2 mutations
MF Berger, E Hodis, TP Heffernan, YL Deribe, MS Lawrence, ...
Nature 485 (7399), 502-506, 2012
High-throughput detection of actionable genomic alterations in clinical tumor samples by targeted, massively parallel sequencing
N Wagle, MF Berger, MJ Davis, B Blumenstiel, M DeFelice, P Pochanard, ...
Cancer discovery 2 (1), 82-93, 2012
Whole-exome sequencing and clinical interpretation of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tumor samples to guide precision cancer medicine
EM Van Allen, N Wagle, P Stojanov, DL Perrin, K Cibulskis, S Marlow, ...
Nature medicine 20 (6), 682-688, 2014
A p53-dependent checkpoint pathway prevents rereplication
C Vaziri, S Saxena, Y Jeon, C Lee, K Murata, Y Machida, N Wagle, ...
Molecular cell 11 (4), 997-1008, 2003
MAP kinase pathway alterations in BRAF-mutant melanoma patients with acquired resistance to combined RAF/MEK inhibition
N Wagle, EM Van Allen, DJ Treacy, DT Frederick, ZA Cooper, ...
Cancer discovery 4 (1), 61-68, 2014
Somatic ERCC2 mutations correlate with cisplatin sensitivity in muscle-invasive urothelial carcinoma
EM Van Allen, KW Mouw, P Kim, G Iyer, N Wagle, H Al-Ahmadie, C Zhu, ...
Cancer discovery 4 (10), 1140-1153, 2014
A genome-scale RNA interference screen implicates NF1 loss in resistance to RAF inhibition
SR Whittaker, JP Theurillat, E Van Allen, N Wagle, J Hsiao, GS Cowley, ...
Cancer discovery 3 (3), 350-362, 2013
Scalable whole-exome sequencing of cell-free DNA reveals high concordance with metastatic tumors
VA Adalsteinsson, G Ha, SS Freeman, AD Choudhury, DG Stover, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-13, 2017
Complementary genomic approaches highlight the PI3K/mTOR pathway as a common vulnerability in osteosarcoma
JA Perry, A Kiezun, P Tonzi, EM Van Allen, SL Carter, SC Baca, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (51), E5564-E5573, 2014
Response and acquired resistance to everolimus in anaplastic thyroid cancer
N Wagle, BC Grabiner, EM Van Allen, A Amin-Mansour, A Taylor-Weiner, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 371 (15), 1426-1433, 2014
Assessing the clinical utility of cancer genomic and proteomic data across tumor types
Y Yuan, EM Van Allen, L Omberg, N Wagle, A Amin-Mansour, A Sokolov, ...
Nature biotechnology 32 (7), 644-652, 2014
A phase II trial of AS1411 (a novel nucleolin-targeted DNA aptamer) in metastatic renal cell carcinoma
JE Rosenberg, RM Bambury, EM Van Allen, HA Drabkin, PN Lara, ...
Investigational new drugs 32 (1), 178-187, 2014
Activating mTOR mutations in a patient with an extraordinary response on a phase I trial of everolimus and pazopanib
N Wagle, BC Grabiner, EM Van Allen, E Hodis, S Jacobus, JG Supko, ...
Cancer discovery 4 (5), 546-553, 2014
Oncogenic mutations in cervical cancer: genomic differences between adenocarcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas of the cervix
AA Wright, BE Howitt, AP Myers, SE Dahlberg, E Palescandolo, ...
Cancer 119 (21), 3776-3783, 2013
Clinical acquired resistance to RAF inhibitor combinations in BRAF-mutant colorectal cancer through MAPK pathway alterations
LG Ahronian, EM Sennott, EM Van Allen, N Wagle, EL Kwak, JE Faris, ...
Cancer discovery 5 (4), 358-367, 2015
Real-time genomic characterization of advanced pancreatic cancer to enable precision medicine
AJ Aguirre, JA Nowak, ND Camarda, RA Moffitt, AA Ghazani, ...
Cancer discovery 8 (9), 1096-1111, 2018
Clinical sequencing exploratory research consortium: accelerating evidence-based practice of genomic medicine
RC Green, KAB Goddard, GP Jarvik, LM Amendola, PS Appelbaum, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 98 (6), 1051-1066, 2016
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