Clarissa J. Nobile
Clarissa J. Nobile
Professor, University of California
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Candida albicans Biofilms and Human Disease
CJ Nobile, AD Johnson
Annual review of microbiology 69, 71-92, 2015
A recently evolved transcriptional network controls biofilm development in Candida albicans
CJ Nobile, EP Fox, JE Nett, TR Sorrells, QM Mitrovich, AD Hernday, ...
Cell 148 (1-2), 126-138, 2012
Critical role of Bcr1-dependent adhesins in C. albicans biofilm formation in vitro and in vivo
CJ Nobile, DR Andes, JE Nett, FJ Smith Jr, F Yue, QT Phan, ...
PLoS pathogens 2 (7), e63, 2006
Regulation of cell-surface genes and biofilm formation by the C. albicans transcription factor Bcr1p
CJ Nobile, AP Mitchell
Current Biology 15 (12), 1150-1155, 2005
Complementary adhesin function in C. albicans biofilm formation
CJ Nobile, HA Schneider, JE Nett, DC Sheppard, SG Filler, DR Andes, ...
Current biology 18 (14), 1017-1024, 2008
Function of Candida albicans Adhesin Hwp1 in Biofilm Formation
CJ Nobile, JE Nett, DR Andes, AP Mitchell
Eukaryotic cell 5 (10), 1604-1610, 2006
Candida albicans biofilms: development, regulation, and molecular mechanisms
M Gulati, CJ Nobile
Microbes and infection 18 (5), 310-321, 2016
Biofilm Matrix Regulation by Candida albicans Zap1
CJ Nobile, JE Nett, AD Hernday, OR Homann, JS Deneault, A Nantel, ...
PLoS biology 7 (6), e1000133, 2009
Genetics and genomics of Candida albicans biofilm formation
CJ Nobile, AP Mitchell
Cellular microbiology 8 (9), 1382-1391, 2006
Development and regulation of single-and multi-species Candida albicans biofilms
MB Lohse, M Gulati, AD Johnson, CJ Nobile
Nature Reviews Microbiology 16 (1), 19-31, 2018
Mucosal Tissue Invasion by Candida albicans Is Associated with E-Cadherin Degradation, Mediated by Transcription Factor Rim101p and Protease Sap5p
CC Villar, H Kashleva, CJ Nobile, AP Mitchell, A Dongari-Bagtzoglou
Infection and immunity 75 (5), 2126-2135, 2007
Candida albicans Biofilm-Defective Mutants
ML Richard, CJ Nobile, VM Bruno, AP Mitchell
Eukaryotic cell 4 (8), 1493-1502, 2005
Control of the C. albicans cell wall damage response by transcriptional regulator Cas5
VM Bruno, S Kalachikov, R Subaran, CJ Nobile, C Kyratsous, AP Mitchell
PLoS pathogens 2 (3), e21, 2006
Candida albicans transcription factor Rim101 mediates pathogenic interactions through cell wall functions
CJ Nobile, N Solis, CL Myers, AJ Fay, JS Deneault, A Nantel, AP Mitchell, ...
Cellular microbiology 10 (11), 2180-2196, 2008
Anaerobic bacteria grow within Candida albicans biofilms and induce biofilm formation in suspension cultures
EP Fox, ES Cowley, CJ Nobile, N Hartooni, DK Newman, AD Johnson
Current biology 24 (20), 2411-2416, 2014
An expanded regulatory network temporally controls Candida albicans biofilm formation
EP Fox, CK Bui, JE Nett, N Hartooni, MC Mui, DR Andes, CJ Nobile, ...
Molecular microbiology 96 (6), 1226-1239, 2015
Genetic control of chlamydospore formation in Candida albicans
CJ Nobile, VM Bruno, ML Richard, DA Davis, AP Mitchell
Microbiology 149 (12), 3629-3637, 2003
Discovery of a “White-Gray-Opaque” Tristable Phenotypic Switching System in Candida albicans: Roles of Non-genetic Diversity in Host Adaptation
L Tao, H Du, G Guan, Y Dai, CJ Nobile, W Liang, C Cao, Q Zhang, ...
PLoS biology 12 (4), e1001830, 2014
White-Opaque Switching in Natural MTLa/α Isolates of Candida albicans: Evolutionary Implications for Roles in Host Adaptation, Pathogenesis, and Sex
J Xie, L Tao, CJ Nobile, Y Tong, G Guan, Y Sun, C Cao, AD Hernday, ...
PLoS biology 11 (3), e1001525, 2013
Candida albicans Hyr1p Confers Resistance to Neutrophil Killing and Is a Potential Vaccine Target
G Luo, AS Ibrahim, B Spellberg, CJ Nobile, AP Mitchell, Y Fu
The Journal of infectious diseases 201 (11), 1718-1728, 2010
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